Simple multiroom music with Zeppelin Air

Zeppelin Air is the ultimate wireless speaker dock. This is at least partly thanks to the inclusion of Apple’s new AirPlay technology, which allows you to stream your iTunes collection wirelessly to a Zeppelin Air.

AirPlay has other tricks up its sleeve as well including the ability to set up a simple, elegant multi-room audio system using more than one Zeppelin Air.

Adding further Zeppelin Airs to your system enables you to use AirPlay’s ‘party mode’ to stream the same music to every unit around the home.  The volume level can be controlled  independently at the individual unit or at the central hub – your computer. It’s easy to set up as well. All you need to do is set up each individual Zeppelin Air as per the supplied quick start instructions. Once registered on your network they will appear as options on your computer’s iTunes, or even on the Apple Remote app on your iPhone or iPad as shown here.

From this screen you can select the individual Zeppelin Airs that you want to send the stream to, and control their volume from here as well. Selecting a de-selecting a Zeppelin Air, is a simple, almost instantaneous task. The only possible drawback is the limitation of your network equipment to supply a vast number of Zeppelin Airs around your whole house.  Typically, 3 units shouldn’t cause most routers any problems, and more powerful routers will allow you to add more. Plus, it’s also possible to have a mixture of both wired and wireless Zeppelin Airs.

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  • Patrick Simard says:

    why your product cost more in canada than USA, i would like to buy your speaker for my home theater but for 200$ more i not justified, you have to do something about that.

  • Paul Roberts says:

    Owning 2 Zeppelin’s and an A5, I am frustrated by the lack of multi-room streaming from my iPhone. I have to have my iMac on to use multi room and use my phone as a remote.

    Other, cheaper, inferior systems offer greater flexibility and functionality that Bowers and Wilkins does not, despite the premium pricing.

    I’m now considering swapping to sonos (from which I’m unlikely to return) to enable listening which works with my lifestyle.

    B&W, up your game please and give us the functionality to match the superb sound… Without which, you will loose out on market share.

    Sonos, Panasonic, LG and Boseall offer greater functionality, it’s now your turn!


  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    We can confirm that our Wireless Music Systems, including the Zeppelin Air and A5 are compatible with Multiple AirPlay speaker streaming as can be seen using iTunes on a PC or Mac.

    Multiple AirPlay speaker streaming using an iPhone is limited as a result of the Apple iOS device not our Wireless Music Systems. This may change with future Apple iOS or hardware releases, however we cannot confirm.

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