Zeppelin Air – in stores now

We are very excited to announce that Zeppelin Air is now on sale. The ultimate AirPlay wireless speaker system is now in shops all over the world.

The best sounding iPod® dock yet, it features Apple’s AirPlay technology for high-quality wireless streaming from iTunes® or an iOS device. Compared to the original, multi-award winning Zeppelin, Zeppelin Air has been completely redesigned from the ground up, with new drive units, amplification and advanced Digital Signal Processing.

You can read more details on Zeppelin Air on our website. Or check out what the tech websites have to say about Zeppelin Air after getting a hands-on preview.



  • Miller W Steel says:

    Went by the local store to hear the new B&W Zeppelin Air!
    Just blew me away, I was shoked that suck a small unit could pout out so much great sound!
    They fed it Apple Lossless and FLAC files some Classical, Jazz and a bit of Rock, it was amazing!
    It was a more $ than I have allocated for this , so I will be saving up the extra requirted but this is now the unit I want for the distributed sound at the house.

    You have time and have a local outlet with a demo available make an appointment and get on down there, you will be amazed!

  • Hans Wijnen says:

    I’ve bought the Zep Air last week, but there seems to be some sort of distortion in the bass… Anyone have this problem as well?

  • Hans Wijnen says:

    Guess what I’m trying to ask is… is it possible to blow up the speakers through Airplay? Or is Zeppelin a build in safety system?

  • David says:

    Do any of you have both the first Zeppelin and the Zeppelin Air?? What I want to know is which do you believe sounds the best?? Old or new?? I am on the fence, it’s so close, but the bass response of the Air is MUCH better! The first Zeppelin, on some bass heavy songs, the sub driver would make a flapping or chuffing noise, the Air does not do this ever, which is GREAT!! But I do miss the polished stainless steel back, it is so elegant. I think the reason the Air’s back is black plastic is for better “Air” reception, that’s my theory. I also love the small LED on the Air, instead of the big LED in the grill of the first Zeppelin, it was distracting, and too big and bright.

    I do have a concern though. the Zeppelin Air is about 4-5 pounds lighter, and I cannot think of why, especially since the Air has more amps in it than the first Zeppelin. That is strange, the Zeppelin Air should weigh more, not less! Very strange! No idea why. I am concerned as everyone knows that a speaker enclosure needs to be heavy/solid to suppress unwanted noise or errant vibrations. And the Air being about 4-5 pounds lighter just does not make sense in that regard. I would love any comments to this post as to sound, or comments about the weight issue.

    I do LOVE my Zeppelins though!!!


  • deborah says:

    I am not very experienced with all this technology but I know what I like. The sound quality on my zeppelin air is quite fantastic and definately the best on the market. (I have listened to them all!!)
    What I would like to ask is, although the quality of sound is excellent, I do miss the surround sound experience. When I ask about the possibility of attaching 2 more speakers to my Zeppelin air to create a more surround sound, I was told that I could do that but the Zeppelin would not work only the speakers.
    Sonos make a system that seems to do everything, only the sound quality is not good. I hope B and W will design something that we can attach to the Zeppelin air so we have it all.
    Anyones comments would be appreciated, but please keep it simple for me!

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