Five wondrous Northern Soul tracks chosen by Ewen Spencer

We spotted a box of northern soul 7”s when we talked to style photographer Ewen Spencer as part of our #myzeppelin campaign. Here, he picks five of his favourites:

Ewen-Spencer. Photography: Paul Heartfield

Oscar Wright – Fell in Love – Fairmount/Hemisphere

Raucous, heartfelt vocals and incredible arrangement make this a must have record. Still fairly available at a reasonable price to pick up on the Fairmount issue.

Willie Tee – First Taste of Hurt – Gatur

This is a pretty scarce record. Beautiful uplifting sound with a slightly sour sentiment from this wonderful New Orleans dancer.

Fluorescent Smogg – All My Life -S.S

This is less available for sure although it has been reissued as a boot so if you want to play this out you can! Super soulful warm sounds and such a daft name.

Coke Escovedo – I Wouldn’t Change a Thing – Mercury

This is a nostalgic sound for me as it was played downstairs at Walkers nightclub in Newcastle by DJ Rob Bogie in the late 80s. One of the first places I experienced real soul music played out. Thanks Rob.

Jon Lucien – Would You Believe In Me – RCA

I’ve been searching for this on 7” vinyl for a long time now. It comes as a white label EP, an album sampler. Its such a beautifully sparse Jazz-influenced Soul record.


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