Choosing the right music for the B&W Zeppelin and Apple iTouch

Christmas is almost upon us, and as usual we’re all planning our festive shopping, or out buying things on a whim. In order to get people as excited about the Zeppelin as we are, we’re promoting our multi-award winning iPod speaker system in numerous John Lewis stores in the UK allowing people to have a little listen. And to do this, we obviously needed a playlist of tracks to sit on the iPod Touch that we are using in each store.

The worry was, how many tracks could we find that people would like to hear, but would also sound good enough to demonstrate just how impressive the Zeppelin is when it comes to playing digital music. There’s been a lot written about the lack of quality in many modern recordings, and if you were a pessimist you’d be worried.

The good news is that it was surprisingly easy to put together a ten-track combination that worked on all these levels. A mix of hi-fi test classics such as Madonna’s excellent Ray of Light, with decent sounding Coldplay tracks and a couple of selections from the B&W Music Club’s latest offering in the from of Benjamin Grosvenor and we were away. All ripped in wonderful lossless audio, of course. Hopefully this means that good sound is out there, you just need the right tools for the job.


  • Randy G. says:

    I’ve noticed that some I-tunes apps won’t play on the Wilkins (I’ve got the e-sleep and another relaxation app), but it won’t play on the Wilkins! Any suggestions or other customers who have the same problem? Please Advise

  • Andy says:

    I have just purchased a Zeppelin from John Lewis. The included documentation states that the User Manual is available on the B&W website…….eer where?

  • SusannaGrant says:

    Dear Andy,
    the user manual is available on the Zeppelin support page:
    Please scroll down and you will see an option to download the Owner manual as PDF. You just need to specifiy which language you would like it in.
    Kind regards,

  • Mike says:

    Can the Zeppelin I accept 24-bit music through the digital input?

  • SusannaGrant says:

    Sadly the highest quality formats accepted by iPods or iPhones are 16-bit Apple lossless files.

  • Mike says:

    But sometimes I’m not using an iphone or an ipod. I’m using the digital input on Zeppelin with my computer. I want to know if the internal dac of the Zeppelin will accept 24-bit digital music.

  • João Pessanha says:

    I have compatibility problems between my Zeppelin and my iPod Touch. For instance the volume control does not work from the remote. Is there a solution?


  • Paul MacRae says:

    I love my Zepplin, but one thing that would be useful is for me to be able to have a audio output for my pre-amp. that would make it just perfect.

  • Giuseppe Pistilli says:

    Can the Zeppelin DSP play hi-res 24 bit music through its digital input? (without using the Ipod/Iphone)
    I would really appreciate my Zeppelin to be capable of playing hi-res music… and if not, may a future software update enable it?

  • SusannaGrant says:

    Dear Giuseppe,
    The Zeppelin should support digital audio streams up to 24-bit 96zHz
    I hope this helps,

    Product Manager

  • Thomas says:

    I visited the B&W section at IFA last week in Berlin. The lossless format was advertised as 24bit and it sounded great via the new headphones. Does the iTouch need to be converted to handle this? Would invest in the conversion.

  • mike simmonds says:

    Hi – Any plans for an iphone app for the Zeppelin so that we can use the iphone to switch the zeppelin on and off. Thanks Mike

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