Industry firsts – Aerofoil cone

Bowers & Wilkins’ team of acoustic engineers is constantly pushing the limits of their understanding of audio technology. The result of this dedicated pursuit of perfection is an almost constant flow of technological advances that continue to keep the company’s products (at least) one step ahead of the competition. Here we look at the development of the new Aerofoil cone.

Bowers & Wilkins has explored a large number of approaches to bass drivers during its 50 years of acoustic exploration. And for almost four decades, the 800 Series has been the first to benefit from any technological advancement in this vital area.


The 2015 800 Series Diamond saw the first appearance of a new type of bass driver – the Aerofoil cone. It adhered to the same theory as the previous generation of Rohacell® cones in that it had a high stiffness and was based on a sandwich construction, but the next step was finding a way to change its geometry to deliver superior stiffness where it was most needed.


So in 2012 experiments began to create the ideal form for a new bass cone. The result of this research is the Aerofoil. The cone’s shape has been computer-optimised, and uses a continuously variable thickness structure that delivers maximum stiffness in critical areas. This unique structure is made possible by an all-new core material that can be formed into the desired Aerofoil shape. The combination extends the cone’s pistonic behaviour further up the audible range, for cleaner, punchier bass performance.


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  • jean-marc-briere says:

    tres heureux d avoir des bw

  • Saman Herath says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am B&W fan for the last 10 years. I started using DM603 S3 and now using CM8 pair of speakers.
    This is to appreciate the service done by your company in managing the stress of the people. Everyday I listen to 1/2 an hour to release my stress. Its pleasure to listen to your great speakers. I cannot afford to buy your high end 8 series speaker’s, but quite satisfies with what I am using.
    My best wishes to great people. You are doing wonderful service to the community.
    My Best Wishes

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