Which track sounds best on your speakers?

P5 and 800 Diamond series reports from CES 2010

So, you’ve bought your brand new speakers – be it our award-laden Zeppelin ipod system, the equally heavily awarded 685s or a gleaming pair of 802 Diamond – and you’re lining up your favourite music to test them on.

We want to know what you’ve found sounds the best. Which stand-out  track would you play when your friends come round and you want to really show them off, or perhaps justify why you bought them to your partner.

It might be that you hear something new in an old favourite that you’d never heard before or that suddenly it sounds as if Keith Richards is playing in front of you.

The Daily Growl from Lambchop’s Is A Woman sounds brilliant on my 684’s – there is a beautiful depth and warmth and a really immediate live feel that always makes people ask who the artist is.

We’d love to hear from you on what makes your speakers sing.


  • jan says:

    My B&W nautilus 803 are perfect for all kinds of music .my favourites: John Mc Bride—Jacques Loussier(Satie) and
    of course Pink Floyd : Meddle and Dark side of the moon
    Hotel California (the eagles) sounds perfect in accoustic version

  • DanLydon says:

    White Noise Sound’s eponomously titled debut album has been the first thing I’ve listened to on my new Zep today and I’d just like everyone to know it sounds absolutely flipping fantastic!

  • Filip Majsterek says:

    Please, can you tell me, which Eagles’ album do you have with acoustic version of Hotel California?
    Maybe somebody else know which album contains acoustic version of this song?

    Best regards,
    Filip Majsterek.

  • HiFiAficionado says:

    Some of the tracks that I particularly like listening to on my hi-fi sound reproduction system (CD player, preamplifier, power amplifier and loudspeakers) are as follows:

    “Money” from “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd.
    “Blue Bayou” from “Simple Dreams” by Linda Ronstadt.
    “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” from “Simple Dreams” by Linda Ronstadt.
    “Old Paint” from “Simple Dreams” by Linda Ronstadt.
    “Go Your Own Way” from “Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac.
    “Don’t Stop” from “Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac.
    “Dreams” from “Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac.
    “Band on the Run” from “Band on the Run” by Paul McCartney and Wings .
    “Stairway to Heaven” from “Led Zeppelin IV” by Led Zeppelin.
    “Kashmir” from “Physical Graffiti” by Led Zeppelin.
    “In My Time Of Dying” from “Physical Graffiti” by Led Zeppelin.
    “Not Pretty Enough” from “Barricades & Brickwalls” by Kasey Chambers.
    “Big Jet Plane” from “Down the Way” by Angus and Julia Stone.
    “We Belong Together” from “Pirates” by Rickie Lee Jones.

    We are so very fortunate to have so many talented artists, of which the above are but a miniscule selection, whose works we can choose from, as well as the audio equipment that can bring to life their performances in our own listening rooms.

  • Fredric says:

    Any track with Yello is a great “test” for a hi-fi setup. ;)

  • Domenico Cubadda says:

    B&W Zeppelin Air

    [re:jazz] Expansion
    Promised Land

    [re:jazz] Point Of View
    All I Need
    That Night
    Writing On The Wall
    Inner City Life
    Written In The Stars

  • Tariq says:


    The whole of ‘A Passage In Time by Dead Can Dance’

  • Thomas Holm says:

    Here’s some of the tracks that really makes my 805D’s shine!

    Jakob Dylan – We don’t live here anymore
    Drori Hansen Furniture – I wanna Love
    Jeff Buckley – Lover, you should have come over
    Wilco – Hate it Here
    Fleet Foxes – The Shrine/An argument

  • Gordon Gartrell says:

    I just ordered some new B&W CM8s from Best Buy. To test the speakers in their Magnolia speaker room, I used the new Blue Coast Collection 2. My favorite track is “Another Grey Morning” by Jenny Mammina. Her voice sounded fantastic and really filled the room coming from the CM8s.

  • Baris says:

    In my C5 headphones once I loved from Shirley Horn, Dexter Gordon Mahna de carnaval, Blue Bossa sounds so great detailed, crispy and at the same time rich bass.


    jon hopkins light through the veins and Hotel Costes Where do I begin remix

  • peter says:

    From the Mac / Airport Extreme-Express combo its Cara Dillon -She Moves Through The Fair from Life at the Grand Opera House in Apple lossless (downloaded from B&W Society of Sound!)
    From CD its Pink Floyd- Us And Them from Dark Side Of The Moon
    From Vinyl its Radiohead- Weird Fishes/Arpeggi from In Rainbows

    All listened through on 805s in conjugation with ASW610 on Cyrus CD8+PSX-R, Cyrus 8vs2 (pre amp)+PSX-R and 2x Smart power amps.

  • Cyrile says:

    Rakim by Dead Can Dance.
    I have a Live version recorded in Montreal and WOW!
    In fact most live versions of this song sound great!

    Also, most Sosciety of Sound releases are rather phenomenal, as they should be coming from B&W…

  • Bob says:

    http://bethhart.com/user_images/news/beth-hart-joe-bonamassa-dont-explain.jpg All of this

  • ellas says:

    U2….Unforgettable Fire

  • siebren says:

    One of my favorite songs, played on my B&W 604 s3.

    Ilse de Lange – Hurricane
    Anouk – Lost
    John Hiatt – Have a little faith in me

  • siebren says:

    The Kyteman Orchestra sounds magnificent on my B&W 604. One of my favorites is ”Preaching to the choir”

  • Scott says:

    802Diamonds, Savage Garden – too the moon and back. nice mellow bass and detailed highs in shifting stereo. goo test for a system and speakers

  • Alain says:

    – Diana Krall – “Abandonned Masquerade” from “The girl in the other room” album
    – Ray Charles/ Norah Jone – “Here we go again” from “Genius loves Company” album
    – Yo-Yo Ma – “The Mission:Gbriel’s Oboe” from “Yo-Yo Ma plays Ennion Morricone” album
    – Anne sophie Mutter – “Carmen Fantaisy,Op.25: Allegro Moderato” from “Carmen Fantaisy” Album
    – Sting – “Fields of Gold “from “All this Time” album
    is my test playlist of the moment.But it change depending on my humor.

  • Marco says:

    Hi, I would suggest Chan Chan by Compay Segundo from CD “Duets”; this Cd has many songs that sounds very good.
    Other Cd’s that sounds very good are Rock Ballads, they were recorded in Netherlands by Magnum.


  • matthew laming says:

    Soma White-“Better Reality” amazing sound


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