Paint the sound: Russian illustrators hand-paint AM-1 speakers

In a collaboration between Bowers & Wilkins, A&T Trade Hi-Fi and the British Higher School of Art & Design in Moscow, six illustration students each hand-painted an AM-1 speaker as part of a competition.

The project began when 20 BA (Hons) Illustration students were asked to produce sketches of designs for our ergonomic all-weather monitor. These sketches were reviewed by both Bowers & Wilkins and A&T Trade Hi-Fi and a short list of six students was created.

The finalists were then given a speaker to hand-paint from their working designs with the winner being awarded a Zeppelin Wireless.


Zeppelin was deservedly won by Plenkina Evgeniia for her strikingly surreal illustration which worked perfectly with the speaker’s functional design.


You can see a full gallery of all the entrants on our Facebook page.

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