800 Series Diamond and new DB1D subwoofers shine at Bristol Sound & Vision 2017

Bowers & Wilkins was once again one of the must-see rooms at the Bristol Sound & Vision Hi-Fi show with a demonstration featuring the awesome 800 D3 loudspeakers, an 800 Series Diamond surround sound system and the new DB Series subwoofers.


Bowers & Wilkins introduced the 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers to the Bristol Sound & Vision Hi-Fi show in 2016. Exceptionally well-received, that weekend we gained a barrage of requests to demo the flagship 800 D3 loudspeakers the following year. That was a promise we were happy to keep, although, we couldn’t leave it just at that…

So in 2017 we took things a step further, with a complete surround sound system created from 800 Series Diamond speakers plus the introduction of the new high-performance DB1D subwoofers. As you can imagine, the system was an incredible performer, which proved to be one of the most popular listening experiences at the show.

The surround sound system featured a pair of 800 D3 loudspeakers as the front left and right channels, with the partnering HTM1 D3 in the centre. For the rear channels we used a pair of 802 D3 loudspeakers – the model that formed the main attraction at last year’s demo.

The system also included a brace of the brand new DB1D subwoofers – our most advanced and most powerful subwoofer yet. The perfect match for the 800 Series Diamond, it features the same Aerofoil cone technology in a balanced configuration driven by an awesome 2,000 Watts of power.

This impressive collection of loudspeakers was powered by four Rotel RB-1590 power amplifiers, with the front three speakers bi-amped. Meanwhile the brains of the system was provided by the incredibly capable processing element of the Rotel RAP-1580.


The purpose of the demonstration was three-fold: to introduce the eager attendees to the 800 D3 loudspeakers and the DB Series subwoofers, but also to demonstrate what a wonderfully cohesive and immersive performance you can achieve with a 5.1 surround system made from what we – and many of the people who have had the pleasure of experiencing them – believe are the best high-performance loudspeakers in the world.


The demonstration played to packed houses throughout the weekend, and took visitors on an acoustic journey from relatively simple, well recorded CDs, through 24-bit 176kHz stereo before ending on a great-sounding blockbuster movie clip. Throughout the demos, the idea was to demonstrate not only the ability and quality offered by individual speakers such as the 800 D3, but also the level of cohesion and integration that can be achieved, both within the 800 Series Diamond and between these exceptional loudspeakers and our new range of subwoofers.

And judging by audience members’ reactions – that point was very well made.

The demonstration tracks

Lou Reed – ‘Vanishing Act’ from ‘The Raven’
CD-quality stereo

Doug MacLeod – ‘I’ll be walking on’ from ‘There’s a time’
24-bit 176kHz stereo

José James – ‘It’s All Over Your Body’ from ‘No Beginning No End’
CD-quality stereo

Unbroken – Opening bomber attack

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    Very good sound

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