Moog Sound Lab featuring 802 Diamond speakers at Ace Hotel

Last summer, Ace Hotel, Shoreditch hosted the Moog Sound Lab for a month featuring cutting edge electronic artists living sleeping and recording with the unique setup in an Ace hotel bedroom before previewing the work in basement nightclub venue, Miranda.

The artists included seminal techno DJ Andy Blake, artists and directors Iain and Jane, Finnish saxophonist Jimi Tenor and avant garde musician Keiji Haino. Each artist spent four days and nights creating music with the Moog Sound Lab before performing their new composition.

A further stipulation was that each composition will be produced under the influence of Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine another 60’s creation, described by it’s makers as “the only work of art you look at with your eyes closed”. The Dream Machine – essentially a perforated shade rotating in front of a light – was created to allow the mind to experience a blissful ‘alpha state’ by stimulating the brain with light.


The resulting performances were truly unique. Watch more here.

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