Moog Sound Lab: Andy Blake

Last summer, 10 years after the death of Robert Moog, Ace hosted the Moog Sound Lab for one month. A selection of cutting edge electronic artists lived, slept and recorded with the unique setup in an Ace hotel bedroom before previewing the work in basement nightclub venue, Miranda.

The first artist to take part in this Moog residency was Andy Blake, a man of many talents: DJ, party giver, label boss and, most importantly, impeccable taste.

After being holed up with a vast bank of Moogs and a pair of 802 Diamond speakers for four days, Andy took to the stage at the Miranda, settled on the carpet and delivered an astonishing and hypnotic performance from behind the synths. As he put it himself: “nothing is happening but everything is happening”.


Watch the Moog Sound Lab videos here.

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