Head-Fi raves over P5

Renowned headphone reviews website Head-Fi has been bowled over by the Bowers & Wilkins P5 mobile hi-fi headphones

In this highly detailed and comprehensive review, the main points that keep on coming up are the detailed, yet un-fatiguing sound quality – perfect for longer listening sessions, and the excellent design and build quality:

“The P5’s artisanal materials, fit, finish and style make for a headphone that many of its owners will be proud to own.”

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  • Ed Byrne says:

    I have been using the P5 headphones for a wile now & I must say a huge well done to everyone at B&W who helped produce the P5 headphones as they are a truly brilliant pair of headphones. They get lots of well deserved 5 star reviews on the Apple store website & other websites from very happy customers like myself. One thing I would say though is to get the best out of them on the move is to use a separate headphone amp mine is so small but the quality is amazing it’s the Fiio E5 costing around £20 it cleans up and improves the sound from your ipod & thus making the P5’s sing. These headphones complement the Zeppelin series of ipod speaker docks as they are made to the same quality standards that we all know & love from B&W keep it up guy’s & girls you are world class.

  • Bartek Zawadzki says:

    I have bought them 1 month ago and I must say they are great. They sound great and looks beautifully. They are not big on your ears, don’t look like those reference ones from other producers and you can wear them everywhere.

  • Kevin Murphy says:

    These headphones are designed to make the most of the mediocre-at-best “front end” the public is coming to accept as standard. iPhones, MP3s, etc. are hardly audiophile components and deliver pretty much what you would expect when compared to proper signal providers/amplifiers. Sadly, the public has also come to accept transducers of an audio quality similar to the signal which is fed into them, making a poor situation even worse. Bravo to B&W for giving us a product specifically designed to allow audiophiles the opportunity to actually enjoy music in the current mainstream of miniaturisation and compression. This was B&W’s stated objective, worthy and challenging. In my opinion they have succeeded nicely. They have proven their ability to produce top-end equipment designed for use in top-end environments. To produce something that gives a taste of top-end in today’s micro-world is equally expert.

  • Edward Sandberg says:

    I’ve owned the B&W P5’s for a week & although they still need some break-in time, they sound absolutely wonderful. In reading many reviews I found that the main complaint was the wire quality which is very thin & flimsy. As I take special care of products such as the P5, my concerns were not as great as stated by others. . Having said that, I find the P5’s to be so comfortable & amazingly luxurious in both sound & appearance. From soundstage & across the entire low to high sound spectrum I find the overall smoothness so relaxing like nothing I’ve experienced before. To add to that, they’re portable & work wonders with both of my i-pods. I walk everyday & although I have several iem’s including the C5, the comfort factor on the P5’s is beyond words. B&W really got it right here(except for the wires), & I commend them on their first attempt to produce a truly portable set of headphones.

  • Shane Dempsey says:

    This is a great product and exceptional value for money when compared with some pricey and inferior competition. The sound is definitely warm rather than reference but it’s detailed and wonderful to listen to. Unlike Beats, for instance, you can listen at a high volume without being pummeled by artificial-sounding boosted bass. The overall effect is less fatiguing and more pleasurable listening. To my eyes the design is retro with high quality materials, a simply yet clever design with good articulation of the cups and great comfort from the memory foam. When you look at the simplicity and beauty of the design you appreciate how much thought went into it. There are headphones costing >200 euro more than sound marginally better but are a lot less comfortable. You wonder what B&W could do applying the same “money no object” ethos to headphone design that they applied to the original nautilus. They might even give the stunning Sennheiser HD800 a run for its money.

  • Edward Sandberg says:

    As a follow uo to my first post, it must be noted that the lengthy break-in period has added a new dimension to my listening pleasure. That dimension is one that provides even greater detail throughout the sound spectrum & an even deeper appreciation for what has become my go to headphone exclusively. Not being a basshead has made the P5 even more extraordinary for it provides the most natural soundstage I’ve ever listened to. I know what others have said about the top tier headphones & their ability to really produce bass albeit too boomy for my ears. I don’t know how B&W follows up on the P5’s ( I have the C5 iem’s & guess that is the current follow up), but if they just had these going forward & never added new phones I’d be just fine. Of course I’m sure that they’re already doing the R&D for the next generation, or are they? The thin wires are holding up just fine even though that has been a sticking point for many owners including myself.

  • Brian F says:

    I absolutely love my P5’s, in time they have gone from strength to strength by way of “running in”. As a person who works in the retail sector selling these amoungst many other brands of headphones I am so happly I chose these. Neautral and smooth in playback, they are perfect for my varied taste in music giving me a accurate reproduction into how the recording was really intended to sound.

  • John F says:

    HeadFi does NOT “raveover” the P5 headphones…

    The P5 sound is disappointing to nearly everyone of not w within the HeadFi community. The sound is generally considered very muffled and flat. They are also very coloured..meaning, some music sounds good, other genres very bad. Dead and flat.

    These are considered very mediocre and overpriced headphones. One is buying style over substance.

    I was really looking forward to them upon receipt. The design and quality of them is outstanding, however as soon as I played my first FLAC music, I was and have been continually disappointed with them.

    Some recordings sound good, but most very, very mediocre.
    Consider yourself warned, but I expect this message to mysteriously disappear.


  • herve says:

    mon p5 me suis!!

  • herve says:

    mon p5 me suis!! redecouvrir ma musique a 53 ans! grand records big ecoute!

  • iAmCodeMonkey says:

    “The P5 sound is disappointing to nearly everyone of not within the HeadFi community. The sound is generally considered very muffled and flat. They are also very coloured..meaning, some music sounds good, other genres very bad. Dead and flat.”

    No one is forcing you to be continuously disappointed with these. Also, your description of their sound is confusing. One minute you say that they are muffled and flat. The next minute you say they are very colored, which implies a non-neutral frequency response. Well, which is it? They cannot be both at the same time.

    I for one love them.

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