Concert for one – C5 in-ear, noise-isolating headphones launched

Bowers & Wilkins C5 in-ear headphones

Bowers & Wilkins is proud to announce C5 in-ear, noise-isolating headphones.

Bowers & Wilkins debut in-ear headphones bring the option of amazing clarity of sound, innovative design, and high-quality materials for the discerning customer who demands premium performance from in-ear headphones.

C5 in-ear, noise-isolating headphones offer pristine sound quality on the move. The innovative Secure Loop design keeps C5 comfortably in place, and aids fit and performance. Plus the proprietary Micro Porous Filter enables C5 to produce a wonderfully open, natural performance, perfect for longer listening sessions.

Best in class sound quality is an attribute long associated with Bowers & Wilkins products. From the 800 Series Diamond to Zeppelin Air to the highly-regarded P5 mobile hi-fi headphones, Bowers & Wilkins products have stood out within their respective categories for 45 years. C5 takes this quality to a new arena: in-ear headphones.

As with all Bowers & Wilkins products, C5 is a mixture of long-held acoustic principles and technological advances. Key among the advances is the Micro Porous Filter. This acts a diffuser, enabling C5 to deliver pristine, natural audio, while also providing a more spacious performance than previously possible from in-ear headphones. It also has the advantage of limiting noise bleed, and together with the noise-isolating properties of the sealed fit, this allows users to lose themselves in flawless audio.

Almost as vital as performance in the in-ear headphone arena is comfort and quality of fit. C5 addresses this with the introduction of the proprietary Secure Loop design, an ingenious innovation where a cushioned loop fixes quickly and comfortably in the inner ridge of the user’s ear. This solution holds C5 in place for improved sound, and also makes it ideal for use on the move and during activities. The Secure Loop is infinitely adjustable, so it works perfectly with anyone’s ears.

Adding to this sense of comfort is C5’s Tungsten Balanced design. Here, high-mass material is located closer to the user’s ear, for an improved seal for better sound and noise isolation. Elsewhere C5 is crafted from high-grade aluminium for a premium-quality finish.

C5 has been designed specifically to work with Apple devices, and comes supplied with a ‘Made for iPod®, iPhone®, iPad®’ remote and microphone. Audio playback will work with most devices that have a standard headphone output.

C5 is available August 2011 and will cost: £149.95.
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  • Matt says:

    I am getting these as soon as possible!!

  • Rolando says:

    Really cool,i want ones…

  • Enzers says:

    I was only thinking yesterday; “I wish B&W did an in-ear option of headphone to go with my P5’s. Come August, I will be one happy audiophile!

  • Stuart says:

    Well I really like the P5 but these C5 do look really cool, I don’t know which to get – there’s only one way to settle it – fight!

  • Lee Nixon says:

    Wonderful design and very desirable. I’m sure these will be the in-ear headphones that people will aspire to own!

  • Lukasz says:

    Why I do not have birthdays in August…?

  • Paul brown says:

    Can’t wait… – let’s hope the sound as good as the look.

  • Lucas says:

    How much will they cost in Spain (€)?

  • stelios says:

    Sonos did it!!! A few months ago i did some sugestions upon improving zeppelins air sound performance.Specifically one of them was to pair 2 zeppelins as a stereo system(without the useless ipod docking arm!) using one zep for the right channel and one zep for the left.Sonos DID it with the new play 3 and is cheaper! I’m glad i didnt go for the zep!(and what is that monitor audio i-decco 200 beast?)

  • Chris says:

    @ David Jenkins

    Oh no, please not! B&W is a great speaker/ audio manufacturer and they should stay that way!

  • George Lynn says:

    I’m on David Jenkins side. A B & W 24bit music player would be great. I don’t think it needs video. This would be made purely for audio. A petition should be started to get one made. The Zeppelin HD music player. Super tasty!

  • Chris says:

    In my point of view, this would be a little too much “mainstream”. I think we’ve got enough with the C5, Zeppelin etc.

  • drblue says:

    re audiophile grade ipod:

    red wine audio has a mod on ipods with the wolfson chip in it (the best sounding ipods)
    they put really good electronics in it for a 250$ ultimate upgrade that is reviewed to make
    your ipod sound like a 2 to 3K level cd player, now your ipod is an audiophile grade music server.
    would go great with the B&W P5 headphones or the new earbuds coming out!
    also check out the Bravo V2 and V3 tube headphone amps on E bay. Looks like a gimmick toy
    but the sound is unbelieveable, best dynamics and tone ever on the P5s! and winnable at auction for half price!
    cheers, drblue

  • sam says:

    With regard to B&W making an mp3 player, I think they would have considered this already if they thought the iPod was not good enough.

    Is it likely these earphones will be available in high street stores, such as HMV; or only B&W retailers?

  • George Lynn says:

    Too mainstream?! The zeppelin,P5 and C5 were designed with the apple iPod in mind. Apples AirPlay is built into the Zeppelin. Don’t be a snob Chris. People want a B & W music player.

  • Chris says:

    Of course too “mainstream”. But that’s my opinion, so just chill down and don’t be so abusive..

  • George Lynn says:

    I’m sorry chris if I came across as vulgar. Where the iPhone is concerned there is really fierce competition. Where the iPod is concerned there is very little. B&W make products for the iPod because I don’t think anybody can be bothered to battle apple. The S.O.S. Music club has very little on it. I’m not asking for lady gaga or Katy perry. It needs more effort. Not everybody can afford a £10,000 hifi. A B&W music player would have a place in today’s market.

  • Peeha says:

    Picked these up a few of days ago and have only started listening now after about a 48hr burn in time. Usual B&W traits on display. What surprises is the bass weight (similar to the P5) but ever so slightly forward midrange of the P5. I believe they have a better top end due to them being open ended as opposed to the P5 closed design.
    Build quality is as expected from B&W (having owned 601, 805s, PV1)’but the silcone ear buds are easy ripped during the initial fitting to find your optimum size/fit. They really show up varying bit rate music for what it is. You will
    want to reburn all your CDs in loseless format after hearing how the treat your favourite tracks.
    So IMO I think they sound better than the P5’s, which are truly amazing to look upon where as these are understated to say the least

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