MM-1 speakers leave Maximum PC “slack-jawed with awe”

MM-1 speakers leave Maximum PC "slack-jawed with awe"

In their words, Maximum PC “haven’t been this excited about a set of boom boxes since…September 1996”

They tested them using Peter Gabriel’s new album, Scratch My Back, and describe the sound as sending “chills down our spines, a sensation rapidly followed by slack-jawed awe”.

They conclude the sound and design are “magnificent”

You can read the full review here.


  • Yee Suan says:

    I’m highly interested in getting MM-1

    But, I have a question.

    Users reported that there is a hiss white noise problem in MM-1. Someone also reported that BnW is working on this problem and might release a firmware to solve this problem.

    I’m wondering that if is this info true?

    I’m going to put the MM-1 in my bedroom and if there is this hissing problem, this will hold me back from getting one.

    Can anyone comment on this?


  • Sam Inman says:

    Pairing the Zepplein Mini with an Airport Express, to the MM-1’s is a lethal combination.

    The sonic sound the the two produce together is amazing.

    Really sounds like the artist is in the room.

    Thanks B&W!

  • Ascanio says:

    I have set up my “portable” rig now, which is made of:
    Apple iPad, Apple Camera Connection Kit and B&W MM-1’s!

    They are on a shelf in front of my bed. I just select a playlist, lie down… and use the B&W remote to do the rest!

    I know I should be sitting closer, but this particular setup enhances the low end, making the best of my room… and by pointing the speakers outwards by 1 or 2 degrees puts me right in focus.

    Isn’t this paradise? Hell yeah!

  • Sam Inman says:

    “I have set up my “portable” rig now, which is made of:
    Apple iPad, Apple Camera Connection Kit and B&W MM-1′s!”

    A lot of people don’t know you can do this with the iPad USB Camera adapter. Makes a huge difference. Im surprised Apple doesn’t advertise this feature for the iPad and USB speakers.

  • cchang86 says:

    Sam, when you say “huge difference” do you mean the sound presentation? Can you describe, i am interested.

  • Johan says:

    Does anyone know if the MM-1 remote can control Spotify on a PC?

  • Race says:

    I have these speakers and they sound great, but the review from Maximum PC mentioned they used a 24bit flac recording as their music source, but I read somewhere the DAC in the MM-1 only took advantage of 16 bits. Any thoughts on this?

  • Louise says:

    Hi I think the quality is very good. However I can only change the volume on my remote control. Nothing else, ie forward wind etc works. I’m hooked up to an IPad. Is this a fault with the remote? I tried contacting BW support but no response. I am in iTunes mode when using speakers.

  • Murray says:

    I have my MM-1’s connected to 24bit/96kHz USB DAC (Furutech ADL-GT40) w/Kimber Kables (GQ Mini Ag)
    The DAC is attached via (Furutech GT2 USB cable) to Macbook Pro. The MM-1’s are pure music to my ears with and without FLAC recordings – but does play better w/FLAC. I cannot rave enough about these speakers. I have read on different post that these speakers cannot fill a room and I have to disagree. These speakers will fill a 300 sq-foot room without any issues. No distortion when music is turned up.


  • Steve Labo says:

    In the first posting of this thread, Murray writes the following which I find intriguing:

    “I have my MM-1′s connected to 24bit/96kHz USB DAC (Furutech ADL-GT40) w/Kimber Kables (GQ Mini Ag)”

    This seems to confirm my suspicion (yet to be confirmed) that the MM1 built-in DAC operates at 16 bit and not 24 bit. Why else would he need to connect his MM1s to the ADL-GT40? Furthermore, does this mean that I’m wasting time downloading 24 bit FLAC files from Society of Sound since the speakers are unable to take advantage of the additional file size if they can only process 16 bit?

    This would also mean I should not spend time joining HDtracks and other providers of high resolution files which are greater than 16 bit unless I follow Murray and acquire a Furutech ADL-GT40. Am I correct in assuming this?

    Thanks for any ideas and if I have it wrong, please set me straight.


  • Alex says:

    I am in the same position as Steve, interested in the MM-1’s for a number of reasons (particularly because of the inbuilt DAC) but don’t want to take the plunge unless they support 24 bit. For the price of the MM-1’s I could probably get a decent DAC and pair of speakers that supports 24 bit but the style and size of the MM-1’s appeal a lot to me. Could someone clear this up?


  • Larry Lesn says:

    Good question. What’s the answer?

  • Snowy Hills says:

    The Dac is !6 Bit only the sound is still amazing though and for me the styling size and sound is of Nov 2016 still the best solution for my needs. I hope B&W will make these with a 24bit DAC for an all in one tidy setup. As its possible to stream 24bit files through a French Download /streaming company with a subscription i decieded to get a Meridian Explorer (nice and compct for travel/headphone use as well) as my DAC and run said streaming company using Audirvana Plus. Im very happy with setup.

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