The new 700 Series: Exceptional midrange sound for your home

The new 700 Series marks the arrival of class-leading sound, engineered from innovative, studio-grade materials, straight to your living room. We explore why the all-new technologies included in our latest range of speakers elevate home listening to an entirely new level.


At Bowers & Wilkins, we work tirelessly to bring to you class-leading loudspeakers. For almost 50 years, our iconic yellow Kevlar cones have been the material of choice for midrange sound. It has remained a constant within our loudspeakers, effectively reducing unwanted resonances by virtue of its woven construction.

Ten years ago, our research and development team at Steyning began a project to develop something that could surpasses the properties of Kevlar. And in 2015, their efforts were rewarded with an all new midrange cone material which we call Continuum.

Continuum represents the continuity of thinking within Bowers & Wilkins material innovation. It has similar woven properties to Kevlar but is much more effective at reducing noise from the primary sonic impulse, allowing the listener to hear a lot more of the original signal, and thus elevating the transparency and detail of the midrange.

First featured in the flagship 800 Series Diamond, Continuum is now included in all of the new 700 Series loudspeakers, in a much more affordable package.

Engineering innovation

To bring out the best performance from Continuum in the 700 Series, we experimented with the existing loudspeaker chassis found in the old CM Series and engineered a more effective structure in terms of design and materials. We asked ourselves how can we engineer a quieter structure to rid your music of unwanted noise.

Superior Materials

The chassis of the new 700 Series is made from aluminium, a material with a higher specific modulus and stiffness than zinc, which is the old material found in the CM Series. We combined this new material with a new form, using an optimised structure, further reinforcing the rigidity of the chassis.

Using a superior material plus a stiffer overall design produces a chassis that naturally resists resonances, and therefore helps suppress unwanted noise, revealing nuances in your music that you may not have noticed before.

Unmatched and affordable sound

To further improve midrange transparency, we decoupled the mid-range assembly from the cabinet from the inside. Using a sophisticated spring decoupling system, the whole midrange assembly now floats freely within the cabinet.

This has significant benefits for the floorstanding speakers of the 700 Series, as their low frequency drove units produce a high volume of energy that moves throughout the structure of the loudspeaker. By ensuring the midrange assembly is freely floating inside the cabinet, isolated from the low frequency drivers, we can deliver a purer spectrum of sound through the midrange frequencies.

To complete the final piece of the puzzle a tuned mass damper sits on top of the midrange chassis, further suppressing the last remaining unwanted resonances moving through the structure.

And there you have it. By using a significantly cleaner mid-range cone material in a significantly quieter chassis, the new 700 Series delivers stunning midrange clarity to make your music sound better than ever – all in the comfort of your living room.

Arrange a demonstration today to hear for yourself.

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  • Alen Watts says:

    Can we see a similar article on the 800 series? Especially how the turbine head makes a significant impact on the sound. In comparison to 805 D3, 804 D3 continuum cones.


    1) Deployment of continuum cone 804, 805 bit like above. What the construction of chassis consists of, decoupling of driver any other measures taken to isolate the unit etc.
    2) turbine head & how the continuum cone produce an even better sound in comparison to 805, 804. How the cone is deployed here and techniques have been used to isolate it further. To produce the breath taken sound (equipment dependent).


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