PX: a revolutionary user experience

At Bowers & Wilkins, we’ve always believed that nothing should get in the way of you and your music. Because when you care about music, you want to be able to enjoy it effortlessly, intuitively and with no distractions. PX makes all of these things possible, by transforming how you experience your favourite tracks.

PX aren’t your average pair of headphones. Over the past 50 years we’ve dedicated our time to making music sound exceptional; detailed, natural and something that simply sounds true to the original. You’ll be glad to know that we used our exacting audio standards while building the famous Bowers sound into PX.

But we also wanted to go one step further to create a user experience that’s truly special.

We understand that habits run deep in human DNA. From laughing, exercising, to even enjoying some peace and quiet – we all do things naturally and seamlessly, which got us thinking even more.

When developing PX we asked ourselves how can we make listening to music a seamless experience, without all of the fiddly bits.

That’s why our engineers spent thousands of hours developing our very own ‘invisible technology’ for PX that will not only change your listening experience, but will also seamlessly interact with your lifestyle as if the headphones are a natural extension of you.

Music made easy

How many times have you been listening to music and you’re interrupted, perhaps by somebody asking you a question? You end up taking off your headphones, only for your music to intrusively blare your favourite playlist into your friend’s personal space while you miss the rest of the song.

PX stops this from happening by intuitively pausing the music when you remove it from your head or lift an earcup. Once you’re ready to go, the great thing is that you can just put them on to resume your music.

This means you will never have to physically press play or pause again.

Listen for longer

Wherever or however you like to enjoy your music, put PX down and it will instinctively switch to standby mode lasting for up to six months – if you can wait for that long.

And that’s not all, because each pair delivers a class-leading 22 hours of wireless noise-cancelling playback from one charge, meaning more music for longer – wherever you are.

Adapts to your world

We know that music can be enjoyed anywhere, like the office, out and about and at home. But what if your experience could be optimised to give you the best acoustic results possible in these places? With PX, we’ve provided 3 settings of noise cancellation for you to choose from to make this a reality.

But because everyone is different, we’ve created something even better than just 3 modes. We’ve given you the option of customising the level of voice pass-through to perfectly suit you – all through the Bowers & Wilkins app, available for both Apple and Android devices.

Try PX today, and see for yourself how the best of Bowers & Wilkins sound combines with an innovative user experience for you to feel your music in a completely immersive and intuitive way.

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