Bowers & Wilkins announces CM8

Bowers & Wilkins announces CM8

New slim floorstander, perfect for audiophiles with limited space.

Bowers & Wilkins CM8 is a new three-way floorstanding hi-fi loudspeaker. A more compact version of the award-winning CM9, it replaces the CM7. Its slim design is ideal for audiophiles for whom space is an issue. Available in two high-quality real wood finishes, and gloss black.

Bowers & Wilkins is proud to announce that its highly-regarded CM Series has a new model in the line up. The CM8 is a slim floorstander that shares many of the acoustic benefits of the series’ award award-winning flagship CM9, but is significantly smaller in stature.

The CM8 is compact and slim – it shares a similar footprint to the diminutive CM1 bookshelf loudspeaker – but its audio credentials are without question; this is a refined hi-fi loudspeaker. It’s a true three-way design, with twin dedicated bass drivers providing low-frequency extension and power. It also utilises Bowers & Wilkins’ FST™ Kevlar® midrange drive unit, which adds precision and clarity to the vital midrange performance.

At the heart of the CM8 is a purist approach to loudspeaker design, with no artificial additives. By using Bowers & Wilkins most refined drive unit technology, we’ve been able to hone the loudspeaker down to its core essentials. The CM8 uses minimalist crossovers of remarkable simplicity and clarity, so what you hear is that much closer to the sound of the original recording.

Because Bowers & Wilkins designs and builds its own drive units and cabinets, both can be designed to work perfectly together. This allows the engineers at the world-famous Research Department in Steyning, West Sussex to use first order crossovers, which have only one component in the chain. This lets the engineers spend many, many hours of listening time rigorously auditioning a variety of components and selecting the ones that provide the exceptional sound quality the CM Series is famous for.

The CM Series also benefits from longer voice coils and larger magnets than the 600 Series that sits below it. This provides the speakers with more punch and attack, but also cuts down on distortion. All of which combines to ensure that while the CM Series is without question one of the most elegant loudspeaker ranges around, it’s also one of the best sounding.

The CM8 takes this ethos to new levels: standing only 960mm tall and with a width of a mere 165mm, it’s a very modestly proportioned loudspeaker, ideal for when space is tight, but great hi-fi sound is required. It features a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter, which utilises Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus™ tube-loaded technology. A single 130mm woven Kevlar cone FST midrange unit, and a pair of 130mm paper/Kevlar cone bass units.

The CM8, which replaces the long-serving and well-regarded CM7, may be a very fine stereo loudspeaker designed for circuital audiophile listening. But it’s also wonderful in a home theatre system when partnered with the CMC centre and CM1s at the rear, along with either the ASW10CM or the multi-award winning PV1 subwoofer.

All CM Series speakers come with aluminium driver trims. Grilles attach magnetically, so there are no unsightly grille-mounting features to spoil the clean lines of the speaker’s façade.


  • James Henries says:

    Cant wait to listen to the CM8 Loudspeaker.

  • Antonio says:

    Awesome, surely my next pair of speakers

  • Pascal Fontana says:

    What’s wrong with the CM7? How should owners of CM7 should feel about that since the speakers are discontinued?

  • Dick Spierenburg says:

    Sounds good, looks good. Why is it the text does not refer to the white version that is shown on the picture?

  • marsin says:

    Cant wait to to buy those cm 8 with cmc center cm1 rear aws 10 inch driven by a pionner elite sc-37 hooked on that new Panasonic Vt 30 Tv.Was in Montreal a few weeks ago listen to that set up was wild. the bass is so thight and well monitored.
    I have a small room that kit will look great in that piano black love the option of having the magnetic grill on or off .
    That saleman in Montreal just started to negociate was already given me 15% off the completed kit.
    I shopped around good quality price for that kit. Compared to Totem Speakers Paradigm studio serie more expensive speakers listened to them all Still likes the B & W C M serie
    Waiting on that Vt 30 tv to hit the streets in Canada. to put that kit togeter.

  • Bob says:

    I agree with Pascal – why were the CM7’s discontinued?

  • Antonio says:

    Congratulations you guys.

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