Bowers & Wilkins granted prestigious Queen’s Award

Queen's Award

We are very proud to have been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. The award is in recognition of our ground-breaking work developing the synthetic Diamond Dome Tweeter found in 800 Series Diamond.

We have a long history of pioneering new acoustic technologies, and this is the third time we have been granted a Queen’s Award for Enterprise after also winning in 2005 for Nautilus tube-loaded tweeters and earlier, in 1979, for being the first loudspeaker manufacturer to utilise the unique acoustic properties of Kevlar® in its loudspeakers.

Discover more about the technologies used in Diamond Dome tweeters in this film.

The synthetic Diamond Dome, an innovative skirted diaphragm using chemical vapour deposition (CVD) of synthetic diamond, was a result of continual research into developing loudspeakers that neither add to nor subtract from a sound signal. In a tweeter, this means creating a dome that remains rigid, exhibiting perfectly piston-like behaviour, as far up the frequency scale as possible.

Synthetic diamond was chosen for this fundamental component, because it gets closest to the behaviour of a hypothetical perfect material; one that would have both infinite stiffness and zero mass. The synthetic diamond was developed in partnership with Element Six, the global leader in synthetic diamond super-materials.

The synthetic Diamond Dome Tweeter delivers the highest quality possible in sound reproduction. By pushing the breakup frequency of the dome far above the limits of human hearing, the performance in the audible range is dramatically improved.

In 1979, we redefined what’s possible in sound reproduction with the very first 800 Series speaker. Since then every speaker in the range,  including the Matrix 800, Nautilus 800 Series and 800 Series Diamond, has continued to raise the benchmark through refinement and experimentation. Loudspeakers from the range are found in many of the world’s best recording studios, including London’s Abbey Road Studios, and the homes of discerning audiophiles the world over.

You can watch the making of an 800 Series Diamond speaker here.


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  • Greg Landesman says:

    I have and 805 diamond home theater and the db-1 sub I love theater. But when I play my classe omicron mk2 stereo amp with my convergent audio tech with my sme10 and my make mini running pure music I’m in heaven. Ive alway had full range speakers in my house and out of the last five houses I’ve only had a full range speaker work in one house The 805 are awesome set them up right and forget about the hardware I honestly don’t think of a sound problems two much bass to bright ect… Know I just listen to the music and I find myself going into the recording. Was playing John Coltrane baha on original prestige vynl this record Is 45 years old yet when I put it on I’m back in 1960 it’s like the speakers have a flux capacitor you are in that time that space. Not worrying is the sound right Congratulations team B&W. The only downside is the better your product the harder it is to improve. What a nice situation to be in. This little speaker could be in your line for ten years and most people will still be playing catch up WOW!

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