Win two tickets to The Sound of Abbey Road Studios

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Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go behind the scenes where the music is made, and learn the secrets of the mixing desks at Abbey Road Studios.

Abbey Road Studios is without question the world’s most famous recording studio. Much of the music you love was recorded there. And, since the 1980s, every single piece of music recorded at Abbey Road has been mastered on Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series loudspeakers. Today the Studios boast our flagship 800 Series Diamond speakers for their unrivalled accuracy.

So we’re delighted to offer one lucky winner a pair of tickets to The Sound of Abbey Road Studios, a unique series of talks in April and May, featuring renowned former Abbey Road Studios Engineer Ken Scott.

Scott will speak in Studio Two: the very room where he recorded tracks with legendary artists including Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck and the Beatles. An esteemed producer and pivotal figure in Abbey Road Studios’ history, Ken has also made records with The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Lou Reed, to name but a few.

Brian Kehew and Kevin Ryan, authors of critically acclaimed book Recording the Beatles, will host the lecture and explore the evolution of recording techniques and equipment, many of which were pioneered at Abbey Road Studios. As well as telling the stories behind these techniques, the lecture will include demonstrations using both new and vintage equipment, some of which have been used on many landmark recordings over the Studios’ 82-year history – including, of course, Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond speakers, used to monitor recordings.

Winners of the amazing prize tickets will also be able to arrive an hour early, to explore and take photographs in the famous Studio Two, where many iconic artists have recorded, including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Elton John, Oasis and Adele.

To enter the competition just tell us here what your favourite album recorded at Abbey Road studios is..

The Sound of Abbey Road Studios runs 25-27 April and 2-4 May. Tickets can be purchased online for £88.40 each, including booking fee.

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  • Gerald Milward-Oliver says:

    Favourite album recorded at Abbey Road: The White Album…

  • Bert McGaughey says:

    Help! by The Beatles…

  • Richard Baillon says:

    Abbey Road by the Beatles

  • Tom Scruton says:

    Dark Side Of the Moon, definitely!

  • Joe Robinson says:

    My favourite album recorded at Abbey Road is Sargent peppers Lonely hearts club Band

  • Ryan Bakewell says:

    A hard day’s night

  • Lee Nixon says:

    Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here. Purely due to the story behind the album and the impromptu visit from Syd Barrett during the recording.

  • David Kisilevsky says:

    The Beatles – Rubber Soul

  • Peter says:

    Pink Floyd album ‘Wish You Were Here’

  • snails says:

    My favourite album recorded at abbey road is ok computer because I thought it sounded crap when I first heard it and couldn’t relate or understand anything on it. Later I bought some b&w speakers and a better hifi and revisited the album. It was then I could hear the genius of the lyrics and meaning and also the mixers talent

  • James Gbadamosi says:

    The remake of Sargent Peppers lonely hearts club band as a compilation with each song sung by different famous singers and bands. Brilliant work.

  • Scott Paisley says:

    Favourite album: Wish You Were Here

  • Genee Schock says:

    The Bends by Radiohead , one of the masterpieces of modern music

  • Mike Terry says:

    Can there be a more famous recording studio than Abbey Road, I doubt it!

  • Jerome Roberty says:


    My favourite album recorded at Abbey Road Studio is “Ceremonials” from Florence and the Machine.



  • Lewis Stacey says:

    Duran Duran

  • Rick Challener says:

    It has to be Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.

  • Mike Terry says:

    Sargent Pepper … probably the best album ever!

  • Anthony Sharman says:

    Beatles – Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

  • Peter Brear says:

    The Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

  • Ash Giddings says:

    Radiohead – The Bends. Stops me in my tracks time after time.

  • Ross Henderson says:

    My favourite album recorded at Abbey Road Studios is ‘Wish You Were Here’ by Pink Floyd (1975), simply for the story of the troubled Syd Barrett turning up at Abbey Road during the recording of his former band’s ‘Shine on you crazy diamond’ – the subject matter of the song was Syd Barrett himself. Serendipity.

    Thanks a lot,

  • Bob Wilson says:

    There are so many great albums recorded there but it’s really got to be Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles

  • Dave Foster says:

    Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd
    As good today as when it was recorded.

  • Sam Kirby says:

    I hope I win I am a bog fan of bowers and wilkins and I love abby road studios :-)

  • keith lavelle says:

    Got to be Pink Floyd wish you were here , probably the best value thing I have ever bought 1000’s of listens and every time I love it

  • Tom race says:

    It’s a tuff one but I think it would have to be pink Floyd wish you were here or Kylie manogue Abby road.

  • Paddy Watson says:


    My favourite Abbey Road album is Cesarians 1 by The Cesarians.

    Though until I looked it up I was under the impression that they had recorded it in a disused pub on my road!


  • Justin Stevens says:

    Kid A – Radiohead

  • Ants Cossar says:

    Beatles Sgt Pepper – not only a masterpiece of an album, but I grew up with it as a kid – still have the vinyl gatefold sleeved LP with press-out badges, moustaches etc… Wonderful

  • John Pringle says:

    It has to be Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club – probably the most ground breaking album of all time. And a brilliant album cover too!

  • Thomas Portney says:

    The Dark Side of the Moon

  • gordon howlett says:

    Pink Floyd, dark side of the moon. Not my favourite album but sound quality is outstanding.

  • Jess Carter says:

    Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – this was one of the first albums that I ever truly appreciated as an entire work and was immensely influential in my undertaking a lifelong career in the audio-visual industry. Often imitated, yet never bettered, it stands the test of time without faltering and was truly ground-breaking at the time that it was recorded. It also contains some of my favourite songs of all time! :)

  • Mark Putnam says:

    Revolver, the Beatles at their creative peak

  • Carol Monks says:

    OK Computer, Radiohead. A truly fabulous album.

  • Sam Kirby says:

    I hope I win I am a bog fan of bowers and wilkins and I love abby road studios :-) my favourites album is the bqueen the there’s brst

  • Timo Rosener says:

    The Bees – Free the Bees.

  • David McAllister says:

    Revolver – The Beatles

  • Karthik Kumar says:

    The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd is my favourite album recorded at Abbey Road studios

  • Miles says:

    Too many to choose from, but yeah, I’d have to agree with Mike and pick Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

  • Cara Washington says:

    Abbey Road-of course! The Beatles

  • Peter Robinson says:

    An awful lot to chose from but I’ll go for The White Album

  • Richard Bates says:

    Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

  • Martin Lamoon says:

    Dark Side of the Moon, recorded in Studio Two with overdubs in Studio Three in May 1972 has to be my all time favourite.

  • Elaine Irvine says:

    Duran Duran – Duran Duran

  • jon ward says:

    Sgt peppers takes my vote just a touch ahead of its time but some of the newer recordings could be talked about in years to come. Bellowhead, Kylie,

  • Rick Bowen says:

    The best album which has all the memories for me Is Beatles, Abbey Road.
    I am going to see the Beatles Experience in Liverpool this weekend!

  • christian gaze says:

    Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here – an album I have to listen to at least once a month.

  • Jonathan says:

    Sargent Peppers

  • Daniel Robinson says:

    Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon

  • Zoran R says:

    For me, this must be Ceremonials by Florence and the Machine

  • Fran McBride says:

    Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon.

  • Julie Patterson says:

    Got to be The Beatles White Album

  • Roger Nicholls says:

    Revolver by the Beatles – song writing,engineering, arrangements and production all absolutely on song.
    The guys recording these days with computers don’t know the half of it!

  • Rhys Morgan says:

    Revolver – The Beatles

  • Henry Turner says:

    Another vote for Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon. I’m available for 26th or 27th April and 3rd or 4th May.

  • Richard Furber says:

    Now I’m just putting it in the mix but how about “Cliff” by Cliff Richard And The Drifters. It included the hit “Move It” (also recorded at Abby) which is credited with being the first Rock’n Roll song produced outside of America. It seems to me that good old Mr Cliff Richard then supported Abby Road Studios by booking it out for the next two decades.

    Anyway Dark Side of the Moon gets my vote everyday!

  • Matt Williams says:

    I’m going to say Skyfall: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack because it’s a sign that Abbey Road continues to be relevant to modern-day music producers.

  • Martin Harvey says:

    Wish you were here – Pink Floyd

  • Phil Skidmore says:

    The Beatles Abbey Road. Especially side 2. Unbeatable.

  • Joe Munro says:

    Has to be the Florence and the Machine album. So much power and emotion: a true example of how Abbey Road continues to produce quality recordings today.

  • Gary Brown says:

    Sergeant Pepper’s’ is in my opinion the most significant album recorded at Abbey road for many reasons. The Beatles took what was then the norm of a record which contained a group of loosely connected songs to a record that could be called an album. Sargeant Pepper’s’ was the first LP to sound truly like an album with a distinct tie or theme linking or pulling all of the songs together. The recording treats the music like an explosion of sound almost like it was painting a canvas in music, almost like using popular music properly as a work of art for the first time in popular culture. I think the production of the music is so rich that even now I feel on each listening I hear new details and hidden depths. This album must be one of if not the most influential with regards to how music came to be recorded.

  • Darren Goodman says:

    Dark Side-Pink Floyd

    Although I heard that Radioheads, Kid A was mastered at Abbey Road.

  • Aniello Schiavone says:

    Revolver -The Beatles it stands out just a great fresh sound at its release and of course now too

  • Andy Potts says:

    Abbey Road by the Beatles. Such an eclectic collection of fantastic songs.

  • Martin James says:

    Whilst many already mentioned are among my all-time favourites, “Sargent Pepper” has to be the one – it was a game changer, a watershed in the development of the album format. It created a line in the sand, a standard against which other’s efforts have since been judged – yet it still sounds fresh and entirely relevant after all these years. It’s an ideal example of where ideas forced the available technology to its creative limits and beyond, inventing new processes at every turn.

  • curtis mcfee says:

    Sgt. Pepper – because they used the studio as an instrument in its own right.

  • Andy Goloskof says:

    I am tempted to name some of the Pink Floyd tracks especially as I was present during the live recording of Ummagumma at ‘Mothers’ club which also features on the studio album. But I must vote for the “Shadows” as the quality, the articulation as well as the clarity of the recording puts a lot of contemporary stuff to shame. Yea, for I have spoken!

  • William H Christie says:

    I nominate Piper at the Gates of Dawn by Pink Floyd. Listen and I am sure you will agree this is
    a remarkable album.

  • Greg Gibbs says:

    It might be a bit of a cliche, but my favourite Abbey Road recording is the 1969 Beatles album of the same name. Indeed the mix of (prog) rock, blues and pop on this album was the first Beatles album that I felt compelled to buy, having frankly not seen (or heard)!what all the fuss was about on their previous recordings.

  • Ian Nelson says:

    Dark Side of the Moon. Only Studio 2 could have had space for those loops for the clocks on “Time”

  • Michał Rawluk says:

    The Dark Side for the sound theatre

  • Dan Foy says:

    I understand that parts of Muse’s Origin of Symmetry were recorded at Abbey Road – if that counts then that would be my top pick – excellent album and some very satisfying guitar work in there.

    I’m not sure how much was recorded at AR so my second puck would be the soundtrack to Star Wars Episode V – an epic (in the old sense of the word) soundtrack to a cult film.

  • Ian Horsfield says:

    So many Great Albums to choose from The Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd, gets my vote

  • Nige Davies says:

    Opel – compiled by Syd Barrett, great solo and alternative recordings from the Pink floyd front man – released in 1988

  • Anna says:

    Yellow Submarine – The Beatles

  • john bratton says:

    Abbey Road

  • Kieran Prout says:

    Although maybe very different to most people’s choice, I really enjoy Kylie Minogue’s ‘The Abbey Road Sessions’. It’s a beautiful reworking of her original hits and sounds magnificent!

  • Rob Puricelli says:

    So many classics to choose from, but if I’m pushed, it would be between Revolver or The Beatles (White Album), and being that I AM being pushed, I will go with Revolver.

  • laplap says:

    Never for Ever by Kate Bush.

  • Shawn Senavinin says:

    Dark Side of the Moon. I wonder if anyone in the studio at the time knew just how significant a work was being created?

  • Carl Hadris says:

    Beetles- What a track-what a studio!

  • Phil Penfound says:

    All Things Must Pass – It was the fitting Beatles finale

  • Richard Hudson says:

    Dark Side The Moon. The first album I heard on a “real” hi fi, I was stunned.

  • Roger Hartley says:

    The Dark Side Of The Moon, Recorded By Pink Floyd

  • Richard Stockting says:

    ……………………..since 1931, most probably all of them, but if I was to pick one, then it would be Apache – Shadows, in 1960. This would be when music first started to become interesting – I was 7 years old – brings back great memories!

  • Reece Surridge says:

    Got to be Dark Side of The Moon early childhood memories of my dad playing it on the hifi :)

  • Peter Ward says:

    Elbow: Seldom Seen Kid live at Abbey Road edition with the BBC concert orchestra. Fantastic sound …..

  • Jody Demay Davies says:

    Robbie Williams – Swing both Ways

  • wayne roper says:

    Revolver- the Beatles

  • David Swanwick says:

    Dark Side of The Moon.

  • Michael Manison says:

    Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Beatles at their peak

  • Simon Davies says:

    Let it Be – The Beatles.
    Come on – Don’t let me down.

  • Richard Stockting says:

    …………sorry, that was a single.
    A Hard Days Night – Beatles 1964.

  • Mark Barter says:

    Pink Floyd
    Dark Side of the Moon

    First album I heard in 5.1 SACD and also had the opportunity of hearing it on original vinyl. Who knew back then just how pivotal this album would become in defining true ‘hifi’

  • Sean Lawler says:

    John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band – Seminal recording from an absolute genius :)

  • Mark Parminter says:

    Has to be dark side of the moon…nothing else comes close.

  • K Jethwa says:

    For me Sargent Peppers is the best concept album, never achieved by anyone except for likes of Jethro Tull, The Who ets. But for all the music out there, drumming by Ringo, so under valued, and George’s guitar playing, is out standing on this album. Some may argue my views but it all depends upon how one percepts the idea of music. All in all, I would be thrilled and to see where the Sargent peppers album was made.

  • tomdfree says:

    1968: The Beatles aka (“The White Album”) – The Beatles, It was a game changer

  • Giles Turner says:

    Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

  • robert wallace says:

    For me it’s Abbey Road, it was recorded at a time the Beatles were splitting up and it all in there.

  • James Whitwoth says:

    Revolver. A perfect album.

  • Dennis Pelaez says:

    It would be a pleasure to view where history was made.

  • Pete Domican says:

    Never for Ever – Kate Bush. Hugely innovative – much underrated.

  • Oliver Bone says:

    The Beatles (No. 1)

  • Mark Aldridge says:

    Elbow at Abbey Road – Seldom seen kid, LIVE
    It’s so difficult to select one album which represents the historic significance of Abbey Road – and of course the natural inclination is to point at one of the great works of the Beatles and George Martin or a pivotal band such as Pink Floyd… but I’ve selected Elbow because this live recording really commemorates the studio as a place where magic happens. A live recording which in some ways surpasses the brilliance of the original studio version and a recorded performance which celebrates the fact that Abbey Road is not rooted in the past – but a source of inspiration for current generations.

  • Tim Wyatt says:

    The dark side of the moon.
    That’s all I need to say.
    Nothing better !!!

  • Ian Harkess says:

    Sgt. Pepper. The fact that an album as complex as SP was constructed on only 4 tracks is just flabbergasting, and the crecendos of Day In The Life are sublime.

  • Simon Wallace says:

    Tricky, so many to chose from but it would have to be either Rubber Soul or Dark Side of the Moon depending in my mood

  • Sid Nachman says:


  • Steve Byhurst says:

    It has to be Tales Of Mystery And Imagination by the Alan Parsons Project, an influential cinematic album fusing rock and orchestra which features the track ‘The Raven’ – the first rock song to use a digital vocoder – and which still sounds fresh and amazing 38 years later!

  • James Brogan says:

    Its got to be Sergant Peppers. Obvious answer? Yes, but its just THE Abbey Road album isn’t it.

  • Mo Oftadeh says:

    It has to be The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.
    I bet they had fun mastering “Time”!

  • mjay says:

    Abbey Road

  • Marcus Russell says:

    Rubber Soul – The Beatles
    So clean and simply recorded – a marvel

    Touch call though when considered along side Revolver, Sgt Peppers and Abbey Road!

  • Mike says:

    The soundtrack for Love Story by Howard Goodall

  • Mark Yexley says:

    With The Beatles

  • Richard Eskins says:

    Sorry but it’s got to be Please Please Me, it started the whole story.

  • Nikki Kirby says:

    2011 Born This Way – Lady Gaga

  • Mark says:

    Dark Side of the Moon– Pink Floyd

  • Jernej Novak says:

    The Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

  • Ian Wells says:

    Dark Side of the Moon. An album made by audiophiles for audiophiles!

  • Paul says:

    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It revolutionised popular music and we still hear the ripples from it today.

  • Massimo says:

    Of course Beatles’ masterpiece Abbey Road, but Dark Side of the Moon too…. there are really so many masterworks recorded here!

  • Wendy says:

    Abbey road . Best album ever

  • Steve says:

    To be quite honest I never really look where the album is recorded. But as I have Pink Floyd and The Beatles albums(originals) I guess this is where it happened. I just watch ‘Muscle Shoals’ and thought they had some good recordings there.
    If I won the tickets can I take my Harmonica along Bb is always in my pocket. By the way any Jazz recorded there.
    Keep Music Live!!!!

  • James Tervit says:

    The Madcap Laughs – Syd Barrett for me ..

  • Nelson Wong says:

    The Beatles – Abbey Road. The Beatles were a game changer and changed the way pop music was created. While Abbey Road was not the last Beatles album released, I Want You (She’s So Heavy) was the last track the four Beatles worked together in the same studio, the end of an era as it were.

  • Sean Griffin says:

    Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd. Magical!

  • Oliver says:

    Origin of Symmetry – Muse

  • Paul Wiles says:

    Echoes – Pink Floyd for me.

  • James Gurney says:

    Swing Both Ways – Robbie Williams it has a real good selection of music types.

  • John says:

    Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. The documentary says it all and to follow dark side with this masterpiece. Wow!

  • Kevin Stokes says:

    The Beatles – Please Please me, just raw especially by the end.

  • Rich Wallis says:

    The Bends – Radiohead

  • Dorin says:

    Just listening Dark Side of the Moon …and here you come with this competition!

  • Neil richards says:

    Dark side of the moon

  • Ron Warren says:

    Dark Side Of. The Moon. A timeless classic. My favourite album,by my favourite band.


    PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN – True Floyd with the genius that was Syd – This was where it all began – Mind melting and waaaaaay ahead of time

  • Antonio says:

    Revolver by The Beatles, the story behind how it was recorded is amazing!

  • Todd Hartsell says:

    Plain and simple, “Abbey Road”. I know it may seem to obvious, but it’s the truth. That album still moves me to this day. So much so, my daughter is named Abbey!

  • Alan Cox says:

    The Beatles – Abbey Road. The Fab Four’s choice of album title says it all…

  • keith barclay says:

    Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band does it for me. First album by the Beatles where they the influence of certain substances was apparent….

  • Richard Blomley says:

    I too am having difficulty narrowing it down to one album. Obviously, as a fan, any Pink Floyd album from the list would have to be considered, as would John Williams’ Star Wars soundtracks, but i think i’ll plump for a not so common one – Mike Oldfield ‘Music of the Spheres’. As Oldfield’s first real delve into full orchestral compostion, i think the recording and production is one of my favourite.

  • Emmanuel Walter says:

    Never for Ever by Kate Bush

  • Josh says:

    Abbey Road- The Beatles
    September 1969

  • Will Aitken says:

    Please please me. The most significant half a day anyone ever spent in a studio.

  • Dave Jones says:

    Dark side of the Moon, brings back really good memories from the first time we heard it

  • jesse says:

    of course: The Beatles – Revolver

  • Tony Howard says:

    Dark Side of the Moon

  • Warwick Dean says:

    Apple and Venus Volume 1 -XTC the opening track you feel the water is dripping into your lap and the bassist is standing behind you.

  • Bill k says:

    It has to be the Beatles White Album, head and shoulders above the rest.

  • Jason says:

    Dark side of the moon!

  • Jason says:

    Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

  • Nick White says:

    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles

  • Trevor Dixon says:

    Land of Hope & Glory, Sir Edward Elgar. Iconic piece of music from an iconic studio.

  • Bob says:

    All Things Must Pass…

  • Rob Wilcox says:

    Pink Floyd . Dark Side of the Moon
    Cutting edge progressive rock. Innovative use of loops using extended tape around hi hat stand in Money.
    3rd May.

  • Rhys says:

    Has to be Wish You Were Here by Floyd

  • Alex says:

    Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon

  • Kevin Williams says:

    No contest. Dark Side of the Moon every time

  • Martin Cowgill says:

    Has to be Dark Side of the Moon, sent shivers down my spine the first time I heard it and it never ages

  • Colin Mason says:

    Has to be Dark Side of The Moon. Classic, timeless, brilliant album that’s still as good now as when it was made 40 years ago.

  • Ross Kennedy says:

    Dark Side Of The Moon. A world changing album, not only greats tunes but the production techniques & kit used in the recording mean it still sounds mind blowing 41 years on.


    Wish you were here, The Fact Syd turned up was something no one could have predicted what a sound

  • Colin Fisher says:

    For me it has to be Sgt. Pepper. When The Beatles stopped doing live concerts and “retired” to the studio few knew what they would achieve. In fact the fab four and 5th Beatle Geor
    ge Martin pushed the boundaries of popular music and recording technique to create an absolutely amazing result. It’s easy to take it all for granted now with us all having heard the music so many times but this album was groundbreaking.

  • Richard Olsen says:

    Please Please Me by The Beatles.

    It gives a real insight onto the early Beatles, their sound, they youth, fun and excitement.

    Simply but beautifully recorded and I can imagine the echoes of their performance still resounding around the studios at Abbey Road.


  • Ben says:

    Abbey Road by The Beatles
    That may seem a bit obvious at first but I was a late comer to music, only into classical until I was 17 when a then obsessed (with the Beatles) girlfriend introduced me. It was the very first band I got into, I went on Beatles bender which lasted for years starting with Magical Mystery Tour, going through the early stuff and then ending up on Abbey Road which remains a firm favourite until today. Also has a special significance because the iconic crossing near Abbey Road studio was the first tourist stop I made when I first arrived in the UK almost 14 years ago. Great memories!

  • Jimmy Morland says:

    Wish you were here – Pink Floyd. I never grow tired of listening to the whole album especially on vinyl.

  • Mark Jones says:

    Wish you were here – Pink Floyd

  • Nick Smith says:

    Piper at the gates of dawn – One of many of this studios classic albums

  • Grandad Hartley says:

    It has to be “Land of Hope and Glory” with Sir Edward Elgar: This started the whole long history of incredible sound reaching the rest of the world!

  • George H says:

    Abbey Road by the Beatle too obvious a choice?

  • Larry says:

    How could it not be anything but “Sgt Pepper”?

  • Ian Hawkins says:

    Dark Side of the Moon, when i heard it on the EMI centenary edition i was stunned

  • Jim Selby says:

    Obviously some amazing popular music albums but I have to choose The Lord of the rings music. Just stunning.

  • Wayne says:

    The first album I ever bought, Pink Floyds “Dark Side Of The Moon” The quality of the recording and the genius of their music still blows me away as much today as it did when I bought the album in the seventies, although the HiFi it is played on today is slightly better than the one I first played it on. Still probably my all time favourite album, a classic!

  • Paul says:

    It has to be Abbey Road. It’s the best selling Beatles album of all time, I think. Plus I learned to walk around the corner when it was tenements :) That said….. I grew up on Dark Side…. so many amazing choices.

  • Tudor says:

    The Beatles – The Beatles (The White Album)
    The Beatles at their most inventive and experimental. A recording that sounds of its time and yet still fresh, astonishing and varied toady.

  • Dainius says:

    Dark Side of the Moon

  • andrew holden says:

    Has to be Meddle by Pink Floyd.
    The bass on One of these days.
    The Kop on Fearless
    Timeless classic.

  • Kevin Weston says:

    Beatles – Get back

  • Mike Parry says:

    Gotta be Dark Side of the Moon every time because it broke recording boundaries with all those tech leaps forward, the tape loops; because of the Clare Torry story and her wailing vocals that cut your heart in two every time you hear them even now; and the absolute perfection the whole composition is that makes you so proud of original talent in UK, London and Abbey Road itself.

  • Kristian says:

    It has to be Revolver by the Beatles.

  • Chris says:

    Pink floyd’s&d Dark side of the moon

    Must be – what other album is in everyone’s vinyl stack AND cd rack?

  • Roger Staines says:

    My favourite album recorded here is Land of Hope and Glory by the LSO with Edwin Elgar (Sir). It’s as rousing and emotional today as it was back in November 1931 when it was made and the fact that what was considered an ‘album’ back in those days was different to today doesn’t detract from it’s noteworthiness. This, of course, was the very FIRST recording made in the new studio – I don’t believe that young Ken Scott was involved at that time (in fact I’m not sure he was even born then).

  • Helen Smith says:

    Never for Ever/Kate Bush

  • Steve says:

    Absolutely has to be Dark Side Of The Moon. Still an everyday favourite, especially the “treacle-like” guitar on Any Colour You Like

  • Rory Isserow says:

    Sting – Symphonicities, it brings the sound of the studio to life, you can hear not only the individual instruments, but also the warmth of the studio itself. Great music amazing recording.

  • Anthony Tyrer says:

    Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon – classic!!

  • Ann Whitmore says:

    Abbey Road by the Beatles

  • Paul W. Franklin says:

    Obviously most Beatles and Pink Floyd are up there, but i’m going to say…

    OK Computer – Radiohead.

    Probably the greatest album ever.

  • Sean says:

    Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. On the leadout track you can just make out a ‘muzak’ version of the Beatles ‘Norwegian Wood’ which I believe is from the Johnny Harris album ‘All to Bring You Morning’. Either there was a reuse of a poorly erased tape or the mikes were picking up the performance from another studio if the recordings were being done simultaneously. Will we ever know?

  • Scott says:

    Dig Out Your Soul by Oasis.
    The last hurrah from the band that dominated my turntable throughout my young adult life.

  • Grant M says:

    wow..a toughie. How can you pick out one from so many classics. My first thought was for Dark Side of the Moon by the perfectionists that were Pink Floyd, but I am going to plump for Radiohead’s “The Bends”.

    Good luck to everyone.

  • Ed Martin says:

    The Beatles White Album

  • Zeb Alby says:

    It’s where music lovers go on pilgrimage.

  • Chris Collier says:

    The Seldom Seen Kid – live with the BBC Concert Orchestra

  • Zeb Alby says:

    “Abbey Road” is my favourite album recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

  • Simon says:

    Surely has to be a Beatles album; and I would go with Yellow Submarine. The Beatles, George Martin, cutting edge recordings, great pop songs, and an orchestral film score…. Plus the fact it brings a smile to everyone’s face. Those dastardly Blue Meanies!

  • Bill H says:

    Wish You were here – no, wish I was there (Abbey Road Studios)

  • Tony S says:

    Beatles – Abbey Road…what else? Although I could think of many

  • James Weston says:

    1968: The Beatles aka (“The White Album”) – The Beatles

  • Mike Fiddler says:

    Revolver by The Beatles…it just changed everything…..

  • Andy Dodson says:

    Blimey, have never made the recording studio the primary reason for buying an album, but Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd is my favourite album.

  • Len Hodgkinson says:

    The White Album.

  • Michelle Rayner says:


  • Smo says:

    Revolver by Beatles, changed my life!!

  • Damian Hitchens says:

    Josh Groban – February Song. Such a mix of emotion, drama and musical talent all blended to make a fantastic live sound, just how it should be heard.

  • Brian Shepherd says:

    Its got to be The Bends – Radiohead ‘ An absolute classic album from an iconic band’

  • P Clark says:

    Has to be: The Dark Side of The Moon – Pink Floyd. (Alternatively: A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles)

  • Tim Moss says:

    Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd

  • Mat Taylor says:

    My first reaction was ‘Revolver’ – incredibly succinct songs and not a duff one on there, but then I thought it surely has to be ‘The Dark side of the moon’, for the sheer atmosphere and the number of hazy Friday nights it’s been spun, let alone the sound, use of multi-tracking, tape loops, synths, etc. (Friday 25th please!)

  • Richard Holliday says:

    Wish you were here – Pink Floyd
    Never get tired of this amazing album – would also be my thoughts on getting to visit Abbey Road.

  • Garry Sawyer says:

    Milton Nascimiento – Clube de Esquina.

    Such a beautiful melodious album.

  • Gordon Thomas says:

    Revolver by The Beatles, the best album of all time, closely followed by another dozen albums by them, With the Beatles at 2, Abbey Road at 3

  • Olakunle Odebode says:

    Isreal Houghton – Abbey Road Sessions

  • a Motta says:

    Stevie Wonder in 2005; the mikes were strategically placed to grab the subtlety of the lower register; Stevie was in a particularly good mood and the takes ran smoothly. It’s a recording that brings a smile to our faces. It’s Steve at his prime. A jewel of a person giving us his best in a jewel of an environment…

  • Simon Rainey says:

    For me it has to be Dark Side of the Moon. Pure quality that never seems to age.

  • Eric O. says:

    Tales of Mystery and Imagination, by Alan Parsons. It helped that he was an engineer there for some years before deciding to record his own music.

  • JHL says:

    “Abbey Road” by The Beatles. So good they named the studio after it.

  • Wendy Woodcock says:

    I loved I Robot by The Alan Parsons Project. What a departure from the type of music that had been recorded here before. This is an amazing album in the Art/Rock genre and in the late 70’s was a wonderful album to play loud on a new set of huge JBL speakers! Oh the memories……

  • Jacqui says:

    Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – one of my all time faves full stop not just recorded here. Perfection.

  • mike tilburn says:

    wish you were here. pink floyd never again quite scaled this peak. dark side of the moon was a hard act to follow let alone best

  • Devon says:

    Greatest, (duran Duran) & Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

  • Stephen bray says:

    Kid A – one of the biggest albums in my life! :)

  • Nik.Hurrell says:

    Ceremonials… (Florence and the Machine) It gives a nod to all the great styles and feelings and warmth created within Abbeys walls, plus it’s a great album.

  • Dell Kekhia says:

    It simply has to be the amazing Dark Side Of The Moon. Utterly epic and simply timeless.

  • Tristram Davies says:

    The Beatles – HELP!

  • Clint Wilson says:

    Dark Side of the Moon – there’s nothing else like it!

  • Paul McNamara says:

    Rock and Roll Scars by the little known Austrailian band Ariel.

  • Joe says:

    Pink floyd’s Wish you were here, the album responsible for turning me into a music freak at the age od 14 and I still regard it as a masterpiece.

  • Sean Benbow says:

    Many moments of excellence.. It began with Land of Hope and Glory, and at Abbey Road it still is!

    Pink Floyd ..Meddle

  • Ken Clays says:

    Dark Side of the Moon still stands out as technically superb.

  • Stephen Kane says:

    Pink Floyd’s The Piper at the Gates of Dawn – an amazing album, a predictor of Pink Floyd’s uniqueness, and Syd Barrett’s one and only masterpiece……………

  • Nikki says:

    The White Album- by The Beatles

  • peter says:

    “The Beatles” AKA the White Album

  • Kevin says:

    As a student I remember lying on my bed listening to Wish You Were Here for the first time and being transported to the studio. The sound was/is stunning!

  • Paul Reeds says:

    The Bends by Radiohead. A great album at the beginning of a great time in British music.

  • Damian McGee says:

    Dark side of the moon. Used to have to bunk off school to listen ‘money’ in stereo on my neighbors hi fi.

  • Max Forrester says:

    Jethro Tull: ‘Sunshine Day’ Recorded at Abbey Road Studios (January 1968)

  • David Dunnico says:

    Dark Side of the Moon. Cos it is.

  • Martin Gissane says:

    It has to be The Beatles album “Abbey Road ” whenever the studio is mentioned a mental picture of the fab 4 walking on the Zebra crossing is recollected by the masses .

  • Oscar says:

    Dark Side of the Moon

  • Paul W Becker, MD says:

    Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

  • david bailey says:

    1980 Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
    Abbey Road Studios lifts the imagination of every child (and I was 16) into the outer reaches of the Universe

  • Dale Fryer says:

    Dark Side of the Moon. when it came out I played it so often I had to buy numerous player needles.

  • Charles McLeod says:

    My favourite album recorded at Abbey Road Studios just has to be ‘Rubber Soul’ by the Beatles

  • Dennis Wilson says:

    Dark Side Of the Moon-Pink Floyd the best ever.

  • John Hemsley says:

    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
    To an aspiring 10 year old musician, this was truly magical! Pushed boundaries that I didn’t even know were possible.

  • Nigel says:

    Rubber Soul…Revolver…Sgt Pepper – do I really have to pick just one?!!! Ok Gotta be Sgt Pepper for me. Would love to win this prize and take my sister in law who is a complete Beatles nut and was one of the first people to receive an MA from Liverpool Hope University in “The Beatles, Popular Music & Society” (with a distinction for good measure!!!)

  • Mel O'Riordan says:

    Dark Passion Play by Nightwish.

  • Frank Swietlik says:

    The White Album, fun and different

  • Almudena says:

    Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. Calling it ‘awesome’ doesn’t quite describe it…

  • jaime lara says:


  • nic o'demus says:

    well technically I think ‘paperback writer’ wasn’t on the album, so…have to say Revolver, but …orchestration of sounds, still mind-blowing all these years of gear ‘improvements’ later.

  • Frank Sterner says:

    That’s easy….Abbey Road…who else…the Beatles!

  • Rory says:

    Floyds Wish You Were Here…which I actually listened to today. Really brings me back to a better time in my life.

  • Mark Schu says:

    Dark Side Of The Moon.

  • James Rasmussen says:

    I hate to be so obvious but the Beatles Abbey Road is my favorite.

  • Chris Jones says:

    Has to be Dark Side of the Moon.

  • Sheri Salomone says:

    Abbey Road is STILL my favorite.

  • Rodger R. says:

    Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

  • Vincent says:

    Dark side of the moon

  • Peter says:

    There are so many to choose from, but I will go with dark side of the moon. It started me off my musical journey into more interesting and thoughtful music.

  • Margaret Akel says:

    Revolver by the Beatles, the background music of my 20s

  • Patricio Gomes says:

    A Hard Days Night – the words still are fresh and applicable today

  • Peter Labrow says:

    So much incredible music was recorded here; choosing one album seems to slight the others. But the album I’ve come back to again and again, more than any other, is Dark Side of the Moon. Every second, every note – it’s perfect.

  • james says:

    Revolver – magical

  • Jeff says:

    My world revolved around 80’s rock and roll including greats like Adam Ant and Depeche Mode – both bands recording amazing later albums at Abbey Road in the 90’s. I wasn’t sure if I could count Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder as these sessions included remastering – the concert in Phoenix in the late 80’s was mind blowing – Momentary Lapse of Reason (I love that phrase). So the album that influenced me the most goes to Duran Duran (self titled)…during one of musics greatest periods. Words can’t properly describe this amazing album…so do yourself a favor…and listen to one of the most amazing albums of a all time…recorded at one of the worlds most amazing places – Abbey Road Studios.

  • mike neerkin says:

    Sgt Pepper – The music will last forever

  • Pye says:

    Revolver by the Beatles. The greatest album made in the legendary studio produced and played by the twentieth century’s most creative and innovative team.

  • D.A.Jacklin says:

    Dark Side Of The Moon……………….High Fidelity at its best

  • Darren Hancock says:

    The Bends- Radiohead.

  • Kevan R. Craft says:

    Pink Floyd’s DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. The album doesn’t age. Such amazing music, mixing and production.

  • Russell Mather says:

    The Beatles – ‘White Album’

  • Kav Siva says:

    Dark side of the moon

  • Bakerman says:

    Beatles Abbey Road. Love that album & more.

  • Leigh says:

    Revolver by The Beatles

  • Jon says:

    ’32 Minutes and 17 Seconds with Cliff Richard’, ha ha no only joking ! So many great albums recorded there to choose from but Year of the Cat by Al Stewart simply for the title track.

  • Daniel mcgoogan says:

    Wish you were here , Pink Floyd ,played this on a Sony psi turn table with a valve amplifier on An recored ,sound was amazing

  • Tim L says:

    Abbey Road Sessions- Kyle Minogue

  • Tom Baines says:

    has to the White Album by the Beatles

  • Stuart says:

    “The Abbey Road Sessions” by Kylie.

  • Andy Fernandes says:

    Fav album – there are so many, but it has to be Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd but my favourite track is Apache by The Shadows!

  • Stuart Rubenstein says:

    It’s easy to forget all the Cliff Richard albums recorded at Abbey Road, so I’ll definitely go for Dark Side of the Moon.

  • Simon Trott says:

    OK, time t fess up…
    I’ve actually been lucky enough to visit the studios before, when BBC Radio 2 hosted Taylor Swift in concert and It was so brilliant, I want to go again!

  • Karen S says:

    Abbey Road

  • Paul Harty says:

    The Bends by Radio head …so cool!

  • Ben Wheatley says:


  • Ez says:

    Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd – recorded entirely and exclusively at Abbey Road Studios, it all happened there in 1975

  • Hassni says:

    The Pretty Things – SF Sorrow

  • Mark Farrington says:

    The question is ‘favourite’, so for me that’s Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd – ‘best’ or ‘most influential’ would be other things altogether!

  • Myles Ottaway says:


  • peter o'dowd says:

    Abbey Road

  • Alex Robertson says:

    So many great albums recorded there, but like many other people I can’t get beyond Beatles Abbey Road being the best. It was the first Stereo Vinyl LP I ever brought too.

  • Tom Cowle says:

    Abbey Road – The Beatles

  • Joe says:

    ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ by Pink Floyd

  • Jose Wills says:

    Syd Barrett – The Madcap Laughs

  • David Walker says:

    the White Album by the Beatles

  • Gareth Watkins says:

    Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

  • Sheridan says:

    Abbey Road by The Beatles, my favorite album of all time never tire of hearing it and makes me wonder what might have come next if they had made one more album.

  • Merv says:

    Wish you were here – Pink Floyd, One of the first albums I purchased. still have it.

  • john says:

    has to be Sgt Pepper. was only 7 years old when one of my older cousins let me hear this. had never heard anything like it before and was completely blown away. still my favourite all-time album.

  • Mannaro says:

    The Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd, soundtrack of my last 40 years

  • Irene Maier says:

    The Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd

  • Fabio says:

    Radiohead’s Kid A

  • Fabio says:

    …even though it was just mixed at Abbey Road

  • Nicholas Karzel says:

    Dark Passion Play

  • Robert says:

    Dark Side of the Moon. Saw Roger W perform it live recently, and the Aussie Floyd made it into a greattshirt too

  • Brij Gosai says:

    Of all The Beatles albums, it would have to be my favorite album – Abbey Road, such an accomplishment for them, and a awesome way to sign of as a band, putting their differences behind them and doing what they do best.

  • Bill Gidlow says:

    Like so many others the seminal album for me was Abbey road by the Beatles… still listening to it to this day!

  • James Brownsell says:

    I’d love to pick an obscure release, but, for me, it’s got to be Dark Side of the Moon – just beating Wish You Were Here…

  • H Gilbert says:

    toss up between the first album I bought – Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard and Revolver by the Beatles.
    think I will go for the Summer Holiday one as it has so very many memories for me.

  • Amanda Boote says:

    Definitely The Beatles Album 1962-1966!! Amazing…… and iconic….

  • Steve Gray says:

    For me has to be Dark Side of the Moon….

  • Anne Couch says:

    Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Beatles

  • Richard Barker says:

    The White Album

  • paul lacey says:

    Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

  • Nigel says:

    I’d like to tip my hat to George Martin’s wizardry too but I think for sheer visceral aural pleasure it has to be Radiohead’s OK Computer for its masterful mini-symphony Paranoid Android stuck on repeat at very high volume

  • Dave Ditchfield says:

    Wish you were here – Pink Floyd

  • Ed Leach says:

    Has to be Abby Road by The Beatles! Then again every album recorded at the studio seemed to be a hit.

  • Alan Sargeant says:

    It has to be Pink Floyd – “Dark Side Of The Moon” it for me defines a sound, a time and a place and the production and sound could only come from Abbey Road- the footage of the band performing some of it at the studio sends a shiver down my back, how incredible would it be to stand where it all took place?

  • Michael Frueh says:

    Dark Side of the Moon – the only music I have ever purchased 5 times…

    Original LP
    Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
    Columbia reissue 1992
    Original CD
    SACD 30th year anniversary edition

  • Lauren Burton says:

    Revolver – The Beatles. Truly revolutionary. However, you can hear Abbey Road studios on any album that has been recorded there because of its unique sounds, from the underground echo chambers to the acoustic treatment in Studio 2.

  • kim mayhead says:

    Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here , one of my favourite albums of all time

  • Alister Wallace says:

    U2 Singles Collection – ‘The Saints are Coming’ U2/Green Day

  • Matt Carr says:

    The Bends – Radiohead

  • David Reeves says:

    It has to be the Beatles debut album “Please Please Me”. It forged an identity for Abbey Road that lasts today, contains a hatful of hit tracks and paved the way for UK bands to be successful across the water.

  • Martin Burhouse says:

    Elbow: The seldom seen kid live at abbey road

  • Rosalind Sargent says:

    Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon

  • Jamie Quinlan says:

    Despite desperately trying to avoid the cliché, I am going to have to go with Dark Side of the Moon. Almost went with the soundtrack to More, just for More Blues.

  • Susan T says:

    Has to be Abbey Road by The Beatles.

  • Cath higginson says:

    Meatloaf – bat out of hell

  • jodie yorke says:

    Abby Road by The Beatles!

  • Gavin Punfield says:

    Has to be Abbey Road The Beatles.

  • Paula Readings says:

    Cliff Richard – Summer Holiday. Great Film & album.

  • Tim Anderson says:

    Abbey Road – The Beatles. Perfect Album, perfect setting.

  • Tim Anderson says:

    Abbey Road – The Beatles. Perfect Album, perfect setting..
    In my original post I forgot to mention my choice of date which would be Sunday 4 May although I would take any other date if required!

  • claire woods says:

    Abby Road by The Beatles!

  • Martin Lambe says:

    The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Fun with Floyd at the very beginning.

  • Alan Wickes says:

    Kid A – Radiohead

  • Virgilio Costa says:

    The dark side of the moon – pink floyd, one of the best albums of all time!

  • Nick says:

    Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. A stunning album and fantastic recording. There could be no better tribute to the golden history of Abbey Road Studios than this.

  • Bill Fingleton says:

    Alan Parsons I Robot. I understand the Dark Side of the moon. A classic no doubt, but I Robot is just as wonderful to listen to.

  • Predrag Nikolic says:

    The only album that changed the music around the world and stood as the bench mark of innovation is,
    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Two days ago I’ve turned 64 and had to play my song I had to wait
    a long time but it was worth it. Love this album!

  • Mark Stewart says:

    Pink Floyd-The Dark Side Of The Moon as it pushed Musical,and Technical limits of the time and became a timeless masterpiece which still questions humanity in a relevant way today.

  • Chris Stephens says:

    The Piper at the Gates of Dawn by Pink Floyd. This was the album that opened my 15 year old ears to the almost endless possibilities of studio recording compared with the 3 minute 45rpm single. I still have my copy of the album 47 years later!

  • Joseph and Judy Catalano says:

    “Those Were the Days,” Welsh singer Mary Hopkin made the best known recording, released on 30 August 1968, shortly after Hopkin had been signed to the Beatles’ newly created Apple label, shortly after Hopkin had been signed to the Beatles’ newly created Apple label. Hopkin’s recording was produced by Paul McCartney and became a #1 hit in the UK Singles Chart. In the US, Hopkin’s recording reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the Billboard Easy Listening charts for six weeks.

    Paul McCartney, who produced the session, also recorded Hopkin singing “Those Were The Days” in four other languages for release in their respective countries:

    In Spain, Que Tiempo Tan Feliz
    In West Germany, An jenem Tag
    In Italy, Quelli Erano Giorni
    In France, Le temps des fleurs

    All four non-English sets of lyrics were also recorded by Dalida and Sandie Shaw with Shaw recording the English lyrics as well.

    Excellent work. Thank you.

  • Bruce Watts says:

    I have to say this is really difficult one to pin down; those of us that are privileged to own B&W transducers especially the 800 series will understand and connect with audio material mastered at Abbey Road Studios using the same calibrated reference loudspeakers.
    My family and I listen to a huge variety of music and video concerts through various setups in three rooms 600, 700, 802D series and enjoy the pristine sound quality B&W provide.
    You ask for one favourite recording and there are so many, so this stat is based on plays over time, recorded in 1972 at Abbey Road Studios is Pink Floyd THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.
    Well done to Pink Floyd and those studio engineers that pushed 1970’s technologies to the limits.

  • richard lovrich says:

    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – As a young Sgt. Pepper spoke to me both musically, lyrically and through its cover art. Sgt. Pepper also made me aware that a studio by the name of ABBEY ROAD was behind the record.

  • Richard Meadmore says:

    So much choice and you lot make us choose just one! Think it has to be Pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon just because it sounds amazing from beginning to end.

  • Courtney Ives says:

    The Bends

  • Andy Anderson says:

    The Dark Side Of The Moon Pink Floyd

  • Peter Klyhn says:

    Please, Please Me
    For me, this landmark LP signalled the start of the musical era of the sixties. The skill of music recording is more than capturing a sound or miking technique. It is about capturing something that provokes and emotional response. Please, Please Me contains the essential elements of the right music, musicianship, recording technique, and energy ……… and it signposted the way for a generation of artists, engineers and producers.

  • Aaron Mezger says:

    Pink Floyd- Delicate Sound of Thunder

  • Bernie Tyrrell says:

    Dark Side of the Moon

  • Robert Nicholls says:

    Progress – Take That. – still producing the best

  • Janina Hunt says:

    The Beatles – Revolver, a perfectly crafted album, blows Sgt Pepper out if the water!

  • Scotty says:

    It has to be the Absynthe Minded, who went on to be the Simple Minds.

  • darius says:

    dark side of the moon – any time

  • Ajay Galhan says:

    Abbey Road – still amazing to listen to to after all these years. It’s the main album I use to convert others to Beatles fans!

  • Tim Millington says:

    Has to be Abbey Road – The Beatles

  • James Morton says:

    Kid A – Radiohead
    A headphones in a darkened room album, thats beautiful but tormented because of the circumstances in the band prior to writing and recording and its the point at which they transcended the alt stadium rock band that they had reluctantly become and became undefinable. My favourite Radiohead era.

  • frankie gibson says:

    Dark Side of the Moon

  • david says:

    wish you were here – pink floyd. The first PF album that I bought and the one where Syd turned up at the studio out of the blue.

  • H Henderson says:

    John Tavener – Protecting Veil

  • manoj chauhan says:

    impossible to say, amazing to see such a plethora of fine work and soundtracks to our lives, from Beatlemania to the cult of Lara Croft, all visually and aurally stunning, yet somehow always to be part and parcel of of our everday lives.

  • Pat Luckman says:

    Sergent Pepper by The Beatles 1967. This album not only sounds good because it was recorded by the Fab Four, but is also a demonstration of the technical expertise used by the Engineers at Abbey Road using only four track Tape. The mixing, editing and arrangements of sounds and music, produced a briliant piece of truly inspirational Audio.

  • Tristan says:

    Kid A – Radiohead

  • ALAN WILDEN says:

    It has to be Sargent Pepper for me but a difficult choice as there is just so much great music to choose from.

  • Olivia says:

    Abbey road by the beatles

  • Stuart Thomson says:

    Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon. Still has power all these years later.

  • Annamarie Riddiford says:

    definitely anything by the Beatles!

  • Graham says:

    Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Beatles)

  • BadlySpeltBoy says:

    Am completely torn in two by The Beatles & Radiohead – Can’t possibly decide or separate two of the most influential and ground breaking bands ever!!

  • Deepak Harie says:

    Dark side of the moon

  • Tony Davey says:

    Oh so many to choose from!! For me, it has to be Radiohead’s, The Bends. Considered one of the best guitar albums ever made. An absolute “classical” arrangement. Some of the bands most remarkable music. laid the ground for what was to come. This was the last time the band were able to make an album without the weight of expectation and for this reason,easily the most pure and accessible of their work

  • Tony Bullock says:

    Dark Side of the Moon is a 20th Century classic!!

  • Andy Millie says:

    The music of The Lord of the Rings film series – great films with tremendous attention to detail and stirring evocative soundtracks that combined beautifully with the images.

  • Daffy says:

    Late Orchestration Kanye West would loved to have been there for that one..yes to that!!! cracking piece of work

  • Joe says:

    Power Windows – Rush. A tremendous mix of heavy rock and synth layering set among songs that document the mid-80s perfectly.

  • Jennifer says:

    Rubber Soul by The Beatles as it takes me back to my youth as a teenager when I first discovered music.

  • Randy Ramírez Leal says:

    Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon!

  • peki janson says:

    dark side of the moon!!!

  • Mike O'Rorke says:

    Duran Duran – Duran Duran
    Reminds me of my childhood :)

  • Donna Davies says:

    Abbey road by the Beatles

  • Matt says:

    I am going to go with Wish You Were Here by PF.

    Here’s a list of recordings from wikipedia:

  • Kevin Hart says:

    Abbey Road, The Beatles – THE CLASSIC ALBUM

  • Johnny says:

    Rubber Soul all the way.

  • Henry says:

    Wish you were here – my favourite from PF

  • Arvi Chana says:

    Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

  • Jerry says:

    Abbey Road….without a doubt.

  • Larry Schwartz says:

    Abbey Road of course. This is the Beatles.

  • Max Chee says:

    My favourite album recorded in Abbey Road is Dark Side of The Moon hands down.

  • Jeremy Milner says:

    Must be Sgt. Pepper – The Beatles

  • Mike Ford says:

    Without doubt it has to be Abbey Road, the quality of music and lyrics are great. It was a real knock out in it’s day.

  • Milan says:

    The Yehudi Menuhin recording of the Elgar violin concerto, with the composer conducting. Come on, surely the soloist, composer/conductor dynamics and the atmosphere was electric.

  • Alice Matthews says:

    Kate Bush’s Never For Ever.

  • James D says:

    Pink Floyd –> “Dark Side of the Moon”



  • Emily Wilden says:

    My heart wants to say The Beatles Love album, but I’m not sure if that’s allowed.. So I’m gonna say Abbey Road also. Because they are both fantastic!

  • Ian Hammond says:

    Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

  • carole hearmon says:

    Sergeant Pepper.

  • Steve Zammar says:

    Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd

  • Ricardo Ferreira says:

    Pink Floyd – Dark Side of The Moon.

  • Adam Méndez says:

    Kid A, by Radiohead. Aural delights.

  • Jonny Green says:

    Dark Side of The Moon of course! :-)

  • Antonio says:


    Tix for Sun, 04 May 2014 at 4:00 PM

  • SandraB says:

    Abbey Road

  • Peter Hewitt says:

    Dark Side of the Moon

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