Win a pair of limited edition Maserati Edition P5 headphones


To celebrate our shared values, Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins have joined forces to explore new ideas and inspirations.

Through our partnership, we’ve launched a range of exciting new projects – including two exclusive, Maserati Edition audio products that combine the very best of Maserati style and Bowers & Wilkins acoustic innovation. Both the Maserati Edition 805 speaker and P5 headphones epitomise these values and are the perfect sound partner.

We’d like to offer you the chance of winning a pair of limited edition Maserati Edition P5 headphones.

Simply let us know on Twitter your favourite sound partners. It could be Miles Davis and a glass of single malt whisky, Tinie Tempah and a vintage pair of Nike Air Max 90s or Mahler conducted by Valery Gergiev. Remember, all tweets must include @Bowerswilkins and the #soundpartners hashtag.

P5 Maserati Edition is crafted from fine-grain natural leather in Maserati’s iconic and distinctive deep racing blue, for a luxuriously comfortable fit. P5 Maserati Edition also features the iconic Maserati Trident emblem on the headband, and on the exclusive quilted leather travel pouch. Of course, P5 Maserati Edition also features the award-winning audio performance for which the original P5 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphone is renowned and comes supplied with a Made For iPhone®-approved cable, which allows for speech and device control, as well as a high-quality, standard audio cable with gold-plated plugs.

The competition will run for three weeks from 17th January – 7th February 2014. Each week our favourite answer will win a pair of P5 Maserati Edition headphones.

Competition terms and conditions.

Here are some of the entriess we’ve enjoyed so far:


David Williams (@babydavid20)

#soundpartners Whitesnake and marmite on toast in the morning. @BowersWilkins #p5


Darren Clark (@dc460)

@BowersWilkins #soundpartners Jamaican Rum and The Rolling Stones #rocksoff


CK (@ColinK21)

@BowersWilkins #soundpartners @ATCQ and fresh pair of Jordans



@BowersWilkins #soundpartners Ocean Colour Scene and a mint chocolate vienetta


Bruno Chin (@BrunoChin)

@BowersWilkins One of the most amazing #soundpartners are the one and only Stevie Wonder and his iconic pair of sunglasses.


Aleksandar·Vacić (@radiantav)

@BowersWilkins Ennio Morricone and well crafted cappuccino :) #soundpartners


SynthFetish (@syntheticfetish)

@BowersWilkins Gary Numan and the future #soundpartners


@BowersWilkins @Maserati_HQ how ’bout sitting on the patio on a summer evening with Beethoven’s 9th and a fine Cuban cigar. #soundpartners


cosmin patlageanu ‏@cpatlageanu

@BowersWilkins perfect #soundpartners Knee deep in the North Sea with Portico Quartet, tubes and some Sketches of Spain before Satchmo.


Ella Taylor-Smith ‏@EllaTasm

As it’s January, hot blackcurrant and Arvo Part #soundpartners


Sarina Balkhausen ‏@audiophista

my perfect #soundpartners – cinematic orchestra, riesling & sunset @BowersWilkins @Maserati_HQ

Jonathan Dunn ‏@JCDunn

@BowersWilkins Brian Wilson’s Smile + total peace & quiet. #soundpartners


Serizon Ward ‏@ThatOneReviewer

@BowersWilkins The bestmatch is complex, plugging into the stereo dropping the needle on Concierto or reminiscing on nujabes #soundpartners

David Hayden-Case ‏@davidhaydencase

Richard Rawcliffe ‏@trickyrawcliffe

@Bowerswilkins Casio Calculator Watch with hypno-groove machine @tameimparlour #soundpartners

duncansg76 ‏@duncansg76

@BowersWilkins my favorite #soundpartners would be royals by lorde and a black and yellow leather body suit!


@BowersWilkins going the other way… One Direction and a muted system. #soundpartners


shane dorrian ‏@shanedorrian3

@BowersWilkins My silver P3’s and Meat is Murder in FLAC #soundpartners

Gareth ‏@justplayed

@BowersWilkins Teenage Fanclub and a cool – but not cold – bottle of @bathales Gem #soundpartners


Bruno Chin@BrunoChin

@BowersWilkins #soundpartners Florence & The Machine’s “Spectrum” and Breaking Bad’s “Mr. Heisenberg”.

Rollie Oli ‏@OlafNyhus

A little morphine and a side of cheese. @BowersWilkins #soundpartners

Ryan Toyota ‏@ryantoyota

“Danger Zone” and aviator sunglasses. #soundpartners @Bowerswilkins


Mike Brewer ‏@mikbre

A bowl of spaghetti and the soundtrack to The Godfather. #soundpartners @Bowerswilkins


Sean ‏@talkinplant

@Bowerswilkins Nothing beats Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, an 18 yr Glenfiddich, and Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. #soundpartners


#soundpartners @Bowerswilkins supertramp The Logical Song and a cheesecake


Nathan Adams ‏@nathanadams

@BowersWilkins @maserati_hq My Bloody Valentine + earplugs #soundpartners


R ‏@bobbie77

@BowersWilkins @Maserati_HQ: my Maserati pulling away from the HiFi store with my 802 diamonds in the boot. Lol #soundpartners


alastr ‏@alastr

What’s wrong with ‘just’ Lennon and McCartney? Too obvious?@BowersWilkins #soundpartners


Stuart Shirra ‏@AngryMcShouty

@BowersWilkins Best sound partners you can’t beat Noah and the whale and a tuna & sweet corn jacket potato #soundpartners


  • BemaxMax says:

    @ BowersWilkins even today it is raining …. luckily my room is sunny thanks to soundpartners # P5 Maserati

  • herve says:

    p5 un must en maserati serie!!

  • Óscar Rodríguez says:

    I’m loving it Bowers&Wilkins

  • Thomas Hahn says:

    Erich Clapton and nothing else

  • John Bryans says:

    Listening to “Bladerunner Soundtrack, Vangelis “tears in the rain”,
    With a jar of pickled onions.#soundpartners.

  • John Bryans says:

    #typo,Maserati :)

  • Emma Price says:

    Some smooth jazz and a large glass of Bourbon!

  • Petra Hore says:

    Bowers & Wilkins rocks!

  • Bernd Kretschmar says:

    @BowersWilkens is my perfect #Soundpartners: cinematic orchestra@ Maserati_HQ

  • peter schiphof says:

    Dear Bowers & Wilkins,

    sooo sad you exclude people that don’t use Facebook or Twitter from joining the Maserati Edition P5 headphones contest.

  • Martin Wilmont says:

    Perfect fit
    Professional attitude
    Prestigious Design
    Proven technology
    Power of Sound
    5P Maserati

  • Greg ball says:

    P7 abbey road in your home .very happy with my Christmas present from the best wife in the world

  • Marco Robertini says:

    Come sempre un ottimo prodotto da Bowers & Wilkins. I miei vivi complimenti!!!!!

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    The three winning tweets were:

    ZZ TOP and a Burrito #soundpartners

    Bob Marley and sunshine #soundpartners

    Billie Holiday “Don’t Explain” with lipstick traces on a shirt collar #soundpartners

  • Ed Nathan says:

    Call me Nathan Detroit Old reliable Nathan love those rpms

  • Ed Nathan says:

    Sounds like a new Bugatti at a Alfa price

  • Ed Nathan says:


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