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Bowers & Wilkins is 50 years old in 2016. As part of the celebrations of these five decades in the world of high-performance audio, we are running a series of posts that investigate our history, our people, our technologies and our products. In this video we take a rapid-fire trip through five decades of iconic products.

Discover many of Bowers & Wilkins iconic products from the past five decades in this 50 second film. From our first speakers in 1966 right up to the new P9 Signature headphones via the first 801 and of course the ground-breaking Nautilus.

All of the products were built with the kind of care and attention that out founder John Bowers instilled in the company, and many of them introduced new acoustic technologies to the world for the first time.

Discover more about Bowers & Wilkins in this video.


  • huynh trung says:

    i had ‘lived’ with a pair of 802 matrix series and i was addicted to the sound of these loudspeakers,th mid-range is
    very defined and the transient response is excellent when listening to Piano..,the tweeter excel on harpsichord recordings…

  • Charles says:

    A few years ago my aunt gave me a consequent budget with the mission to create a good Hi-Fi system. I tested numerous elements and inally I chose a Cambridge Audio amplifier, a Micromega CD player and a pair of Triangle loudspeakers. All were excellent individually but when I put them together this ensemble was terrible !

    Now I just acquired a beautiful second-hand pair of B&W Nautilus 802s and I hope not to reproduce the same mistake that I have made with my aunt’s money. Does anyone know how B&W speakers are tested ? I mean, which company works closely with B&W and provides their amplifiers to develop B&W loudspeakers ?

    I also own a pair of B&W Solid Ovale (+Sub woofer) that I received for my 20th birthday. Simple speakers but I’m really attached to them. At first I was using them with a NAD amp and then when I moved to Australia I purchased an Onkyo. The Onkyo has just died and i was thinking of coupling these great little speakers with a Cambridge Audio, a Rotel or another NAD amplifier. What do you think will match these B&W better ?

    Thank you or your advice.


  • Harrie says:

    Still daily using my excellent 801’s from 1980.

  • Humberto Queiroz says:

    I like it. simple the best.i am a fan.

  • John Mills says:

    I am somewhat disappointed in your video because, after 40 or so years, I still have my DM2’s, and they didn’t get a mention.

    I have 5 other sets of B&W speakers to complement them but they are primarily aimed at home theatre sound.

    Anyhow, please keep up the good work making exceptional speakers.

  • Gerard Cappers says:

    Looking at the video I suddenly realized that the period I owned a pair of DM70’s is almost 45 years ago…. I bought a pair “demo’s” from the Dutch importer (Audioscript in those years) in the mid 70’s. Listened with lots of pleasure for years. Then I modified them to an active filtered system (with the formidable Nakamichi cross-over filter) and listened again for lots of years. In 1988 I moved to a new house which had no place for the DM 70’s. With pain in my heart I sold them to a good friend. And still I often think about these very special speakers…… Time flies: it would be fun to hear them compared to recent speakers :-).

  • Jay says:

    I’m on my fourth and fifth sets of Bowers & Wilkins speakers, the MM-1 and the Z2. Previously, I’ve owned Matrix 1, Matrix 2, and Matrix 805s. I have tinnitus now, so I like being able to listen to speakers I can keep closer to my head.

  • Thanh says:

    I have Matrix 805s for 20+ years. I love the sound coming out of these incredible speakers. My dream is to upgrade to 804 or 803 Diamond. I have also the Z2 and recently the P7 Wireless, both are also great products.

  • Steve says:

    I own a a pair of 805 d3s lifelike vocals and instruments,no matter what type of music,love them.

  • Mr.Masood Qureshi says:

    I never owned a pair of B & W speakers, but that never discouraged me to dream of owning a pair…..from the nautilus series.
    Great stuff. Just pure majic!!

  • Chris says:

    My DM603 S3 after 15 year of hard use still having this unique natural sound !
    Love it !

  • Harry Aslanian says:

    My first pair of BW speakers I bought in 1979 -DM7 2 drivers and passive membrane. I was so happy of them, very musical. In 1997 I bought a second pair BW 802 matrix 3. I cant describe the musical joy these speakers create.
    I’ve never heard a better sound. The DM7 are still alive ( 38 years) and my daughter enjoy them. I can imagine the sound of the new generation series 80x with diamond tweeter. Last year I decided to start a new experience-the in ear monitors. This time I decided to change the brand and I bought a very popular and highly estimated brand-I was wrong, the same day I returned them and I bought BW C5S2-wow what a sound. Some people think the IEM with balanced armature are better sounding. Not the number of drivers make the good sound neither the astronomical price you should pay for them the “know how” of the constructor is the critical part and BW have for resell of that. Maybe I bit exaggerated but I could say : There is BW and the others. Thank you BW

  • Paddy says:

    I recently purchased a pair of cm8 s2 great clarity

  • Sharath Shetty says:

    I believe in the b&w concept of true to life sound. I have the greatest respect for your endeavours in providing the same through your products.

  • Harald HM says:

    I’m kind of addicted to B&W, I believe;-). P7 on my ears, MM-1 connected to my MacBook Pro and finally 804D3 connected to my stereo. I feel nothing can match those, within what I feel i can spend on music. Maybe a Zeppelin for my bathroom…?

  • Dr Antony Thomas says:

    I own a pair of 805 and I adore them. I take care of them the way I did for my kids. The music is life like and pleasant. No extremes and all natural. I listen to all kinds of music and the sounds just come alive through them.

  • Bob Mano says:

    802 Nautilus for audio.
    CDM 7 for home theatre.
    P5 for private listening,
    I am in heaven!

  • Paul says:

    I have a pair of P1s which still sound superb, despite their being the very first B & W speakers ever made. I haven’t heard any of the newer speakers but I doubt they can compete with the P1s for true quality.

  • Charles Davis says:

    I’m on my second set of P5s: the first set done in by a faulty left cup.No problem, B&W splendid customer service replaced it with the newer P5s. I love the natural sound of theses, much truer than the #Beats everyone fawns over. It’s like the difference between a record and a cd. One is warm, the other, cold. The P5s don’t add anything to the music: just enhances it by letting you hear the music in it’s truest form.

  • Stu says:

    I have owed the Matrix 1 for the last twenty years. I plan on giving them to my best friend who has been asking me for them since I bought them. I will be installing your B&W in wall speakers in my new home. Thanks for the past twenty plus years of great sounding music.Looking forward to your next fifty years of outstanding speakers.

  • Ivan says:

    I have “grown” from 705’s to 804’s to 803’s and I know have a pair of 802d’s.
    Simply the best

  • Lubin Hoque says:

    DM 605 S2 (pair) had them for 15 years and they are still awesome.

  • Christopher Ward says:

    I currently have 602 S3 models in a surround application. They are bi-wired and Bi- amped. The image and stage these speakers are capable of is truly amazing. I have yet to hear anything close to this day!

  • Anvar says:

    I got my 802 d3 to complete nearly 100hours, sounds real and studio quality. Hear you will see!

  • Claude robert says:

    I just received tonight my new set of earphone, P9 signature, inside they recommend access to 3 months free music download with society of sound, if you join,

    Is it a joke? And or a gift, same as with Apple or others?

    Tell me better,


  • Robin says:

    Enjoyed my 805 Nautilus for 15 years. Changed to 805 d3 in November and while tonal quality is similar they are a huge step forward in detail, dynamics, deeper bass. Players technique is clearer and recorded acoustic mean you are really ‘there’ in the venue or studio. Utterly involving with no fatigue (paired with suitable electronics – mine are MF Nu-Vista)

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Hi Claude,

    When you register your product via our website, you recieve a 3 month membership to Society of Sound where you can download in high-quality, albums from Real World Studios and the LSO.

    Enjoy your P9 Signature headphones.

    Kind regards,
    Bowers & Wilkins

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    800 series speakers are tested and demonstrated using Classé amplifiers. We have dedicated customer support technicians who will be more than happy to advise on the best setup for your system, please use the following link to get in touch with them.

    Kind regards,
    Bowers & Wilkins

  • Paulo Antonio Rosa says:

    Por anos venho curtindo o meu HT com as P5, BWCC6, DS16 e 602-S2

  • Paulo Antonio Rosa says:

    Muito satisfeito com minhas caixas B&W

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