Speech Debelle’s top 10 Bass tracks

Sister Nancy – ‘Bam Bam’

“It’s all bassline and vocals, a great example of how reggae is all about resonance. This track was originally done by Yellow Man with the rhythm being used again in many classic reggae tracks. A newer version was made popular by Chaka Demus & Pliers with ‘Murder She Wrote’. That track can still be dropped in the club and get a good response. Sister Nancy’s version is my favourite though.”


Tinie Tempah – ‘Pass Out’

“Rare to hear a pop song that is so bass heavy. Most pop songs of the last 5 years are big on high frequency sounds but I’m a product of the 90’s where it was all about drums and low frequencies. This track is a great mixture of both the low end and high end. I think they got the balance just right.”



Little Dragon – ‘Ritual Union’

“They’ve managed to make it light and bright but still solid at the bottom end. Probably my favourite band right now. The bass player does it for me. Their tracks have always got great basslines but without making the tracks sound dark. ‘Brush The Heat’ is another favourite of mine from them.”



Kanye West – ‘So Appalled’

“It’s that stomping kick that RZA is known for. It’s like a bassline in itself. This is a great example of how hip hop attacks the neck. You have to nod your head when you hear this. Turned up with a good amount of bass makes for a hypnotic experience. This is my favourite track from Kanye’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’”.



Pressure – ‘Love And Affection’

“You could pick just about any reggae song when it comes to basslines, but in this song the scales are amazing. The sound of the bass itself is so rich and smooth. It’s the kind of sound that won’t distort no matter how high you turn it up. It just sits there in all its bassline glory.”



Dead Prez – ‘Hip Hop’

“Do I need to say anything!”




Sticky Feat. Ms Dynamite – ‘Booo!’

“Big big bassline and I like the way it has a section all to itself. This is when house and garage music were really popular in the UK. She did what Sister Nancy did by taking a bass heavy track most common with a male artist and showed we could ride those low resonance tracks.”



Julio Bashmore – ‘Battle For Middle You’

“Just the subby sustained line that carries through. If you don’t have the right speakers then don’t even bother listening to this, you won’t do it justice. This house track is like dub music. The bassline is the vocal point of the track, it’s right up there in the front.”



Tyler, The Creator – ‘Yonkers’

“The bass on this sounds like the producer just rested his hand on the keyboard. This is marijuana production. Tyler’s lyrics are provocative and his voice is so deep it could be a bassline itself. It’s all in that 33hrtz frequency range!”



Rotary Connection – ‘Black Gold Of The Sun’

“This song is like bassline and sunshine!”




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