Sounds of the Universe choose their top 10 bass tracks

These bass tracks have been chosen by Sounds of the Universe, one of the finest record shops in the UK, if not the world. They have impeccable taste and we defy you to visit their shop and leave empty-handed.

1. Digital Mystikz – ‘Earth A Run Red’ (Soul Jazz)

This came out in 2005, dubstep’s ‘golden era’ when the sound was fresh and unlike anything that had been heard before. Digital Mystikz are the pioneers of the sound and still continue to innovate. Without a doubt one of our favourites of theirs. A dreadnought, bass-heavy bullet that is meant to be heard on a HUGE sound system.


2. Mark Pritchard – ‘Elephant Dub’ (Deep Medi Musik)

An appropriate name for this dense, super-charge of trudging bass. You have to have a brilliant sound system to even be able to fully hear this one!



3. Objekt – ‘Cactus’ (Hessle Audio)

Objekt is young producer TJ Hertz. Android wobble-bass like you’ve never heard and weighty half-step clumsy beats meets Berlin-Techno precision.



4. Lenky & Sly — ‘Now Thing’ (on Soul Jazz Records’ ‘Invasion Of The Mysteron Killer Sounds Vol 1’)

Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden and ‘Sly’ Dunbar of prolific Jamaican rhythm section Sly and Robbie have been responsible for some of the biggest dancehall rhythms ever. An unusual, relentless digi-dancehall killer.


5. Rhythm & Sound with Cornell Campbell – ‘King In My Empire’ (Rhythm & Sound)

Rhythm & Sound are Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald. This is one their finest moments. Magnificent, mesmerising, super-deep slice of dub.


6. The Bug – ‘Skeng’ (Hyperdub)

You may have to assume the position for this one. ‘Skeng’ is dirty beyond belief. Rumbling low-end bass with no-messing rudeboy chat from Flow Dan.



7. Kerri Chandler – ‘Bar A Thym’ (Nite Grooves)

‘Bar A Thym’ came out in the mid noughties from New Jersey-based legendary house producer Kerri Chandler. A feel-good, ‘hands-in-the-air’ house body mover. So many layers to this track, must be heard loud! This should be in everybody’s chart.


8. Gang Starr – ‘The ? Remainz’ (Chrysalis)

Groundbreaking east coast hip hop duo Guru and DJ Premier. ‘The ? Remainz’ is an undeniable hip-hop classic. Outstanding.



9. Akinyele – ‘Put It In Your Mouth’ (Stress Entertainment)

OK so the lyrics are a little racy but after you’re over the initial embarrassment and listen to the beat you’ll realise this is a damn good tune. Wicked!



10. Augustus Pablo – ‘King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown’ (Island)

Classic dub instrumental from 1976, taken from the album of the same title produced by Augustus Pablo and dub pioneer King Tubby. You can’t test a system without a King Tubby dub!

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