Record Store Day 2013 – you’ll never hear vinyl sound better

We have placed speakers in two of London’s finest record stores, Rough Trade East and Sounds of the Universe for Record Store Day.

Started in 2007 in the USA and quickly followed by the UK in 2008, this is the biggest Record Store Day yet, taking place  in the US, UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada and France with key releases including Bowie, Pulp, Nick Cave and Paul Weller.

Events, soundsystems, in-store gigs, and screenings, mean this is the perfect time to support your local record store and discover new music.

Rough Trade East not only have our speakers permanently in their shop, they also have our P5 and P3 headphones on all their listening posts. Sounds of the Universe have our speakers specially for the day.

With over 500 vinyl exclusive releases for Record Store Day alongside the usual stock, it’s hard to know where to start. We asked Sounds of the Universe to pull out three releases they are particularly excited about:



We were hoping for something like this one! A definitive collection of Dunkelziffer material, remastered and beautifully packaged (in Obi strip) by the brilliant Emotional Rescue label. Dunkelziffer was a project made up of members of Can and the Phantom Band, mixing Dub, Jazz and Soul in the embers of Krautrock.



Kon of Kon & Amir fame is saving us hundreds of pounds by making this respectful edit available. It’s a treatment of The Light Touch Band’s killer 80s disco-rap track ‘Chi-c-a-g-o (It’s my Chicago)’ , originally out on Larry LaCour’s Milwaukee soul & disco label Magic Touch Records, and it’s wicked.



Unreleased material from one of the true greats, dug out of the Atlantic Records vault. The A-side is a cover of the Adrissi brothers’ 60s pop tune, which is some perfect material for a Hathaway re-versioning.



Record Store Day takes place on Saturday 20th April. Go, find your nearest store, take your friends and buy some records.



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