Patrick Dillett discusses the recording of The Gloaming 2

Patrick Dillett, the engineer and mixer of The Gloaming’s music, takes a break from recording at Real World Studios in December 2015 to discuss the making of the latest album, ‘2’.

New York based record producer, mix and sound engineer Patrick Dillett has worked with a wide variety of artists and genres, including four Grammy award winners. He began his career with Nile Rogers and moved into hip hop with Queen Latifah and Notrious B.I.G. before engaging in the world of art rock with artists such as David Byrne, Glen Hansard, Anna Calvi, Laurie Anderson and Sufjan Stevens. His recent relationship with Thomas Bartlett (aka Doveman) has lead him to Irish-American group The Gloaming.

Patrick talks about how Real World Studios has been the ideal space for The Gloaming’s special recording method – capturing the intense interactive relationship between the artists as they put down each track live in the Wood Room.

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