Rough Trade recommends: Angelina

Named after a Dylan song, Angelina has lived all her life on the Isle Of Wight.

angelina-2016-promo-1a-pmg_Growing up with the blues, folk, country, gospel, jazz and rock’n’roll. She taught herself to sing by listening to Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and field recordings of country blues singers working on the land. Developing her own song writing style inspired by the likes of Wanda Jackson and Karen Dalton, her debut album is given a 21st Century sonic overall by fellow island dweller Rupert Brown who adds raw mechanical production and unusual instrumentation.

The results are not dissimilar to those LPs coming out of Spacebomb studios (Matthew E White and co), but here tough cosmic country rubs with dustbowl soul and lyrics about isolation and celebration resonate like porch-tales told by grandmothers from their rocking chairs

Vagabond Saint boasts a truly rare nu-ranch sound; feelings that have been whistling down the wind for centuries have found a new voice in Angelina, which thankfully you don’t need a ferry to hear it no more.

Nigel House, co-founder Rough Trade record shops

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