Pioneering cellist Peter Gregson records for Society of Sound

We’re extremely proud to announce Peter Gregson is our new artist this month.

Peter is an award winning cellist, composer and pioneer of contemporary music. His work has been performed widely in the UK and the US, at venues ranging from The Royal Albert Hall, London to The Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh; from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles to Trinity Church, Boston.

This has been recognized in being awarded the 2008 Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland award for music, and more recently, membership to the Courvoisier Future 500. He is the 2010/11 Creative in Residence at The Hospital Club, London.

Here’s Peter talking about the album:

“A lot of these tracks were conceptualized in airport lounges, waiting to board planes and this was, initially, where the title for the album came from. The closing track was always going to be called “+” for reasons explained later, but my co-writer and producer Milton Mermikides pointed out that if the first track was called “-”, then it also formed a battery terminal, and so it stuck.

A lot of inspiration was taken from singers, classical and pop. I think the human voice and the cello are very closely linked, and I wanted to play with this concept in the album, right down to occasionally processing the electric cello as if it were a vocal line on a pop record, or using vibrato in Orb, for example, as an opera singer might use it. Most importantly, the overriding ambition was to make sure that every sound you hear is a cello; it might be electric, it might be acoustic, it might be a mixture, but it’s all cello! On the production side, there’s a mixture of analogue and digital processing – be it a plate reverb, an aggressive pitch shift plugin or a series of Studer tape machines… it’s been the highlight of my career to date, and easily the most creative and inspirational week I’ve spent working, and it’s all thanks to the incredible people at Real World and B&W. The vision of the Society of Sound project, to create the highest technical recordings and discover interesting music and deliver it to the members is, to my mind, one of the most viable routes to a sustainable and continued music industry.”

We think the album is stunning and would love to know what you think. We’ll be posting Peter’s blog post about the recording as well plus you can keep up to date with all his live shows and news on his own blog.

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