Maria Callas Remastered at Kings Place Festival, London

As part of  Kings Place festival this weekend, we will be providing a unique listening experience together with Warner Classics to celebrate the release of the Maria Callas Remastered boxset on the 22nd September

There will be eight opportunities to listen to some of these ground-breaking recordings on 800 Series Diamond speakers accompanied by a visual document of her life and career.

The listening sessions will take place at the Box Office Stage, there is no need to book:

Saturday 13 September 15:15 / 17:30 / 19:15 / 20:15
Sunday 14 September 14:15 / 16:15 / 18:15 / 20:15

Maria Callas Remastered – The Complete Studio Recordings is an extraordinary 69 CD boxset painstakingly remastered at Abbey Road Studios on Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond speakers.All the recordings will be available from Society of Sound as studio-quality downloads exclusively for two weeks from 22 September.

Find out more about Kings Place Festival.


  • Matthew says:

    Dear B&W,
    the Maria Callas box set will be available free download?
    Best Regards.

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Dear Matthew,
    Unfortunately the box set is not part of Society of Sound subscription service and therefore not a free download.

  • Uros says:

    today is 22 September, but I can not find where to buy this box set.

    Kind regards

  • Alexandre says:


    I was wondering if the box set would be available to purchase and download through Society of Sound. I am having a hard time figuring out how to download high resolution version of this box set.

    Best regards,

  • Tim says:

    As B&W is partly involved in the remastering, you could probably answer the question. The Box, which I ordered anway, only includes the CDs, but what about the 24bit/96khz files? Are they part of the box or will they be available for download(paid?)…

    Best regards,


  • Manuel Calderon says:

    Will FLAC files be available for download if one subscribes to the Society of Sound?

  • Herb says:

    Where are the download links? Thanks.

  • Tim says:

    Hi There,

    I have the membership and ordered the box as well anyway. but I can’t see or find a “download” for the highres stuff of “Maria Callas – The complete collection remastered”

    Best regards,

    Tim Afken

  • Tuomo says:

    So where exactly on your site can we find this box?



  • Dominique says:

    When will be the Callas recordings available for download ?
    2 weeks from 22 september is nearly ended
    Best regards from France.

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    We do apologise for the delay, we have had a lot of issues with the files but they should be available to download by tomorrow.

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Hi Tim,

    We do apologise, the files should be available from tomorrow.

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Hi Manuel,
    The albums are for sale so are not available free to Society of Sound members, however there will be an exclusive compilation for members that will be available this week.

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Hi Tim, the downloads are not part of the boxset, they would be purchased separately.

  • Tim says:


    Thanks for the Society of Sound “Bonus”. Sounds stunning – as always. And a nice microsite as well!
    However, as I’ve the full Box-Set I would love to see a reduced download price option…..

    Best regards,

  • Philip Hurley says:

    Having now downloaded two Maria Callas albums, both labelled Callas a Paris 1 (which is what I was after) and instead receiving Pagliacci, I would question the execution on the web site. You should urgently check the labelling! My mistake for being silly enough to order the second time (clicking on the different icon) but I did not imagine that there could be 2 mistakes on the site…….
    Great shame, marvellous concept, and sound quality excellent for the 1954 Pagliacci ….incredible even when you consider that it is 60 years old. I also much enjoyed being introduced to Pagliacci which I did not know… just a shame that I now have it twice when I did not want it at all!!

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