Jamie Cullum’s sonic top 10

Singer, songwriter, pianist and multi-instrumentalist, Jamie Cullum is one of Britain’s best-loved musicians and currently on BBC Radio 2.

Here is his sonic top 10.

eith Jarrett – The Koln Concert – Part II

A true genius playing a fully improvised concert, beautifully recorded. This unexpectedly became a big hit record. Lose yourself in headphones with this one



Fever Ray – Fever Ray – When I grow up

This is such a mysterious and evocative track. The production sounds are modern but sound like they have been mixed in a old fashioned way. A 21st Century record of the highest order
When I Grow Up by Fever Ray


Quasimoto – The Unseen – Low Class Conspiracy

The record that made me fall in love with this certain brand of left-field hip hop. As inventive as Sun-Ra and groovier than Timbaland. I will never tire of this record or indeed anything Madlib (this record’s creator) does.






Cinematic Orchestra – All things to all men – Everyday

A song, and indeed a band that bring so many things together in one track. Jazz, hip-hop, film soundtracks – it’s all there and it all sounds beautiful.


The Cinematic Orchestra – Everyday by bobszinkler



Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavillion – My Girls

This is my wife’s favourite song and not a car journey goes by without it being played. An old fashioned song, disguised by acres of gorgeous modern production.

Animal Collective – My Girls by indiana129



Robert Johnson – ABC of the Blues Vol 18 – Kind Hearted Woman Blues

As authentic as it gets. Real music, real sentiment, no gimmicks. A cold beer in the rain of a record.



Massive Attack – Heligoland  – Saturday Come Slow

What an underrated record the last Massive Attack record was. I loved it! This is my favourite track on it. A beautiful lover’s lament sung and co-written by Damon Albarn.

Massive Attack – Saturday Come Slow – Heligoland by adrian.dulu




Tom Waits – Alice – I’m Still Here

A vignette of a song that says more about love than 10 million others of twice the length. I love the way you can always here what the room sounds like in Tom Waits records.



Ray Charles – Hard Times

A masterclass in singing and playing the piano. Everything a musician needs to know is right here.


John Coltrane – Giant Steps – Cousin Mary

Here is some real jazz, for beginners and experts alike played by one of the genres most important acolytes. If your speakers can render the sound of John Coltrane’s epic sax sound truly – you’ve got some good ones.



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  • Jamie Cullum Fanzone says:

    Massive Attack, great choice :)

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