Ivan Smagghe wears P7 Wireless headphones

Smagghe’s work as DJ and producer is both genre defining and defying earning him praise from the likes of James Murphy, Optimo and Andy Weatherall amongst others. He wears P7 Wireless headphones; designed for music lovers, they combine perfect sound, advanced acoustic technology and aptX™ Bluetooth®connectivity to deliver a seamless audio experience.

Smagghe’s most recent recording, released last month under his It’s A Fine Line moniker, an ongoing collaboration with Tim Paris, is a dark moody collection of tracks. Namechecking Giorgio Moroder and Conny Plank as inspirations might give you some idea of where they are going. Full of slow-burning grooves and spooky vocals, it perfectly encapsulates the dark, playful underground house they are known for.


We asked him what was important when choosing headphones:

When and where do you generally use headphones day to day?
Mostly at home, I’m not a big “walking with music” type of person. I’d use them as reference for checking stuff (never too many reference points) or if I have to listen to music when someone else is in the room.
What’s your ideal listening environment?
At my desk. Because that’s when I need headphones. It’s a work tool for me, more than a “sit down on the settee and listen to music”. For that I’d use speakers.
What is your perfect headphone track/record?
I’d never thought about that. Probably something live like Encore by Tangerine Dream. Late live progressive electronics. Over-produced in a good way. Or Satie by Patricia Escudero.

What are the most important things you consider when choosing a pair of headphones?
Sound and comfort. Can’t see any other variables. It really depends on what the headphones are for too obviously.
Do you consider what kind of headphones people might be listening to your music through?
That’s not for me to say. I just hope they don’t use those white ones that come with a certain brand of smartphone.
Do you factor in your fan’s usual day-to-day headphone listening routine when you make music?
I can’t say I do. I’d never even thought about it. Ultimately, good music will sound good on good headphones no?
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A Fine Line will be celebrating the launch of their eponymous album in London here

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