Equal rights for Audiophiles!

Audiophiles get a bad press.

Even the word conjures up images of old men in tweed, listening to LPs of train sound effects on turntables that pre-date the invention of the compact disc via valve amps and speakers the size of the average inner-city bedsit. Now, we’re not adverse to the odd bit of tweed, but we think Steve Guttenberg on CNET has the right idea. Being an audiophile is about having a passion for listening to music, and you don’t need a system costing thousands of pounds to do that. Yes you need kit that comes closer to the true intentions of the artists than those headphones that come with your mobile phone, but listening is a state of mind, and a great one to be in.


  • Abe says:

    Im still a beginner in the audiophile world its really fun to discover new music and sounds…

  • David Bosch says:

    Hi, I’m David, I’m 19 and I’m from Mexico. Some say my country hasn’t gone that far in technology regarding the audio field, unless it’s some new iPod reiteration. I guess we, audiophiles, have a bit of a duty, and that is helping our friends to learn to trully appreciate sound and the richness implied in music by the artists and the people who delivered their favourite record. As Steve says, everybody has music in the background all the time, , but how many do really listen? I make my part everyday, yesterday I managed to convince 5 of my friends that their iPods could be better used if they listened to lossless formats and not mp3 audio. I don’t have much money myself, as I’m only 19; but at the expense of popularity, I gave up the iPhone dream and bought a marantz 7.1 a/v receiver, and though it’s certainly not four Classé monoaurals coupled to a pair of 801D’s, I think I can call myself an audiophile for the endless hours I’ve got of pure joy out of my system. (and the loudspeakers I have “designed” with its help).

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