Bremont and Bowers & Wilkins: British engineering in harmony

Creating a watch from scratch takes time, patience and a great deal of skill. Bremont watchmakers are intensely focused on their craft and we’re proud they wear P5 headphones to help them create their unique timepieces.

A relatively young company, founded by brothers Nick and Giles English, Bremont are spearheading a new generation of British watch-makers intent on putting the UK in the forefront of horology.


We visited their spotless workshop in Henley where all Bremont watches are assembled by hand.

Watchmaker Rob Nudds explains the need for intense focus whilst working with tiny pieces:
“some of the parts we work with are so miniscule that even the warmth of our breath can cause them to move”


Wearing headphones enables the watchmakers to lose themselves in their work:
“when you are in your musical bubble, listening away, and you focus on watchmaking, you really can lose hours.”


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