Paul Simon - In The Blue Light (Legacy)

Album review: Paul Simon – In The Blue Light (Legacy)

When you have a back catalogue that’s as deep and varied as Paul Simon’s it makes sense to revisit some of your favourites once in a while. That’s what Simon… Read more

Album review: Glenn Jones – The Giant Who Ate Himself and Other New Works for 6 & 12 String Guitar (Thrill Jockey)

This album caught my eye because of a 1997 release by one the all time greats of acoustic guitar, John Fahey. The Ephiphany of Glenn Jones was made by Fahey… Read more

great-sounding country music

Our favourite best-sounding country albums

We pick seven of our favourite best-sounding country albums. Who says there aren’t any audiophile country music albums? We’re here to prove them wrong with seven albums from artists such… Read more

Philips Bowers & Wilkins

Reviews round-up: Philips OLED+ 903 with Sound by Bowers & Wilkins

Our engineering expertise has elevated TV sound to unsurpassed levels in the new Philips OLED+ 903 TV. We bring you a selection of the best news coverage so far. Born… Read more

Tord Gustavsen Trio – The Other Side (ECM)

Album review: Tord Gustavsen Trio – The Other Side (ECM)

Transcendent tunes There are a number of ways to achieve inner peace but one of the most enjoyable options is to listen to the trio albums made by pianist Tord… Read more

new 600 Series

History of 600 Series

The new 600 Series marks the sixth – and best – iteration of Bowers & Wilkins’ range of affordable hi-fi loudspeakers. We go behind the scenes and look back at… Read more

Soundtrack review: Cold War Marcin Masecki

Soundtrack review: Cold War (2018)

An impassioned romantic plot unearths the true reality of music in Cold War Europe. Poland, winter 1949. On the snow-filled streets of a rural village echoes the visceral acoustic sound… Read more

Album review: Katia Labèque – Moondog (Deutsche Grammophon)

Most of Katia Labèque’s work consists of classical piano recordings and performances usually accompanied by her sister Marielle on a second piano, but her musical tastes are clearly broader than… Read more

Binker & Moses – Alive in the East? (Gearbox)

Album review: Binker & Moses – Alive in the East? (Gearbox)

Live and dangerous Binker Golding the Moses Boyd are an unlikely musical partnership. When was the last time you saw a sax player and a drummer making an album on… Read more