Why we do it – the new 800 Series Diamond

The 800 Series has been reborn. From our Diamond revolution to adapting Kevlar, the 800 Series has always been the source of innovation – pioneering technologies that filter down through every range of speakers and products.

John Bowers thoroughly immersed himself in the research and development work of the company, and was instrumental in setting up and developing the now world-famous Steyning Research Establishment in 1981, often dubbed ‘University of Sound’ by those journalists that visit.

“If you build a better product you will sell it.” John Bowers

SRE today houses a team of specialist acoustic and electronics engineers who have a wealth of modeling, testing and design tools at their disposal.

Senior Product Manager Andy Kerr elaborates on this desire to constantly research and improve: “We are always about research, we are always about innovation, we are always about change. We change things when we have a new technology to implement.”

This separation of research and production allows a freedom of thought and experimentation that has led to some of Bowers & Wilkins’ most innovative technologies and iconic and popular products. It was a major tenet of John Bowers, and remains at the core values of Bowers & Wilkins to this day.

This company ethos is summed up neatly by transducer engineer George Weaver: “It’s why I get up in the morning”


  • Jaime Alonso says:

    Although at some point, hopefully in the mid future, I will come back with comments on the new 800 D3 series I would like to mention that on beginning of July 2015 , and after considerable study and thought, finally I received my brand new pair of 802 Diamond (D2). On mid May 2015 when I started talking to my dealer about the potential purchase I asked him if it was not worth to wait since the 800 series were in the market unchanged for a long time and I was suspecting that something could change soon, unfortunately he said that he had no information. On the other hand fortunately I finally had the opportunity to experience these speakers in my listening room with high performance electronics integrated/designed and built by myself, this includes power amplifiers and digital source. Now I am extremely pleased both on the emotional and technical aspects of these speakers and I became a B&W believer. Unfortunately since I believe I understand quite well and admire the philosophy and drive of these company I can not sleep thinking on the new D3 series, these is a bit sad because psychologically and a bit unconsciously deprives me of the enjoyment I got before knowing about the D3 existence.

    Jaime Alonso

  • Jaime Alonso says:

    In addition to my previous comment I would like to say that, after previewing the D3’s design and changes compared to the D2 series and considering my recent close and intense love affair with the 802 D2 I am convinced that the increase in price is 100% justified and I am very grateful to B & W to allow music lovers all around the world to be able to acquire such unique level of performance at a fair price.

    Jaime Alonso

  • Christopher Ottaway says:

    Hi there. I have a pair of DM’6 that I love wholeheartedly. Sound incredible, especially with vinyl. I have a problem though. The fuse for the tweeter blows periodically. The amp is set a flat. Any ideas?

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Sorry to hear this, please use the following link to contact one of our technicians who will advise you on how to solve the issues you are experiencing with your DM6 loudspeakers. http://www.bowers-wilkins.co.uk/contact_us

  • Jaime Alonso says:

    Last April 4, 2016 I received my brand new pair of 802 D3 loudspeakers. After an almost continuous three days audition session, listening to a broad musical selection, I gradually but certainly started to realize that I was exposed to something very special. In my experience unique on how similar the musical rendition was to reality independently of the type of music been reproduced.

    While listening I recalled the words of Fritz Feller, an Austrian-born engineer blessed with diverse talents whom concerning perfection said:

    “Nothing in this life is so dull and miserable as ‘the average’ or ‘the mean’. Once we throw away the concept of excellence and perfection, we take away the excitement and incentive for living”

    Plainly these loudspeakers are very far apart from the average or mean, truly being a new incentive for living.

    Listening several Beethoven’s piano sonatas by Claudio Arrau, Maestro Arrau was closer than ever before, he was almost at my place giving a private recital. The piano reproduction is extremely accurate and together with the exquisite ambience details it gives you a quasi-perfect illusion of a live performance.

    As well listening Beethoven’s late string quartets, Alban Berg Quartet, the musical rendition was such a revelation that for a moment I became concerned thinking that I was dreaming and soon or later I could wake up.

    In connection with product development and evolution Fritz Feller said:

    “Our next product must be the natural successor of our last product. We must aim to maintain product identity, not merely by using such obvious means as our interlocked symbol, our mascot or our distinctive front grille… Even without noticing these obvious features, anyone looking at the products we have developed over the years should know that they are looking at a… Our designers must be bound by our traditions”

    At their fiftieth anniversary year my greetings and wholehearted thanks to Bowers & Wilkins for staying bound, today more than ever, to their acoustic technology excellence tradition.

    Jaime Alonso

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