Sound System returns to Primavera

Sound System returns to Primavera

Repeating Sound System’s overwhelmingly successful debut at Primavera last year was never going to be easy but a larger tent, a cutting edge line-up and the triumphant return of local boy John Talabot ensured our reputation shone even brighter this year.

Primavera’s DJ FRA, who played the inaugural set last year, commented “I think it’s already becoming an essential part of Primavera Sound which makes us very happy.”

Headlining sets from Maceo Plex, Dixon, Roman Flugel and Daphni (Caribou) saw crowds of 3000 people descend on the system to be immersed in sound. From Israeli producers Red Axes’ frenetic live show through bRUNA’s dark rumbling techno to the joyously named Special Disco Set from John Talabot, the dancing never seemed to stop.

Find out where Sound System will be going next.

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