MM-1s available to buy online in UK Apple stores


Our MM-1 computer speakers are now available to buy from UK Apple stores and have been getting some stunning customer reviews, “impeccable”, “wow”, “oh my god!” and “perfect” are just some of the responses that customers have left. Read more of their comments here.


  • Kevin Allen says:

    Terrific news!

    I bought the headphones last Friday. (Love them). Planning to purchase the speakers tomorrow. Bang goes my Mother’s lavish gift and lunch on Sunday.

    Have you got anything for next Friday?

  • FAUguy says:

    When will it be on the US Apple site or in B&W dealer stores?

  • Kevin Allen says:

    I ordered my speakers on Thursday afternoon. They arrived today and after an afternoon/evening of listening to them I have to say that they are every bit as good as I had hoped.

    They look great and they sound amazing. Even the hand-control is a thing of beauty.

    Set-up is just a matter of unpacking and plugging-in a few cables.

    I think these will become the desk-top speaker of choice for music lovers everywhere.

    Don’t be surprised if you see them on a desk or two in the next Bond film either.


  • Richard says:

    These are now available through the US Apple Store. I placed an order last Friday and received them the following morning! The sound quality and presentation fully live up to my expectations. The MM-1 deliver a remarkably full and powerful sound stage. I’ve listened to everything from early music to modern rock. Across the full audio spectrum, solidly down to 50 Hz, they are detailed and transparent. The stereo imaging is very precise, allowing the depth and space of well-recorded works to be perceived. On the practical side, I see no distortion of my computer display, nor hear any pick-up from cell phones and the like, so these are darn near perfect “computer” loudspeakers. It’s difficult to get up from the computer!

  • Ben says:

    Hi guys,

    For those of you that have bought the MM-1, can you tell me the dimension of the box that it came in? I live in Australia, and as we so far down the pecking order, I don’t they’re coming for a while. Was thinking of getting a friend to ship over. Just need to figure how much that would set me back.


  • John says:

    Just checked Apple online store USA. I do not see the MM-1 there.

  • Ascanio says:

    What can I say. The Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 speakers gave me tears of joy.

    They sound dull from anywhere but the sweet spot, yet when you sit in the right position, a whole new world appears.
    The imaging, the clarity… and the color of bass is incredible!

    I think B&W should use the claim “Private Concert: on selected desktops”. That’s how good they are!

    These babies love human voices. Be it male or female… it’s mesmerizing. Don’t get me started on how they reproduce piano music… it’s like having a Steinway being played right next to you!

    These speakers are a thing of beauty, and I am truly grateful at B&W for making such a fantastic experience affordable.

    They are NOT all-round computer speakers. They are intended for a very specific use: intimate performance at low volumes. They deliver levels of clarity, richfulness and balance quite difficult to match at such low volumes.

    They simply don’t stop surprising me, at every new track!

  • Mike H says:

    I steeled my self and entered my PIN at the Bath Apple store. £400 is not the sort of cash you throw at a pair of Mac speakers but on the strength of so many enthusiastic reviews I was prepared to take the risk. All I can say is NO RISK.

    If your better half is not keen on hearing your tastes in music blast through the house from the domestic hifi – slink away to the study and immerse yourself in a blissfull and transparent sound that I for one only thought possible from infinitely more expensive and physically larger sources.

  • Ascanio says:

    After days and days of listening in my room, I took them to an Apple Premium Reseller, to let them listen to these babies (they haven’t had the chance to get a pair from the Italian distributor).
    I also took them to my girlfriend’s place in the country side, where I sat them on an ancient oak bench (some 3m long), in a medium/large living room (maybe 45sqm).

    I can say the voice of the MM-1’s changes dramatically with the quality of the surface they are placed on.

    I would like to discover what is the best solution… especially since they cry for stands to elevate them above desk surface… I could have a set of closed (or maybe open?) stands crafted.

    The mid-low end benefits the most from an external armonic box, and the MM-1’s communicate a lot with the underlying surface, despite the soft base material.

    Two drawbacks of the MM-1’s:
    1) Lack of multi-standard digital input: they could have connected through coaxial or optical cable.. instead of only USB (this would enable, for instance, the use of an Airport Express base with audio streaming). I know the MM-1’s are intended for close listening, but if you find the right parallax, I find they are very enjoyable from a distance too.
    2) Lack of a line-out jack, for which a subwoofer could have been developed in the future. I know this is in contrast with the philosophy of puristic sound of the MM-1’s, but it would have made them more versatile.

    The MM-1’s are fantastic for what they are meant for, but they will eventually end up in a specific “pure music listening” area of my home, while for everyday listening (and movies), I will probably add a cheap-o 2.1 set.
    That is, obviously, unless B&W will release an upgraded version of the MM-1’s, maybe 2 way but with proper woofers and 4 times the internal volume? :)

  • Krestian says:

    Dear Ascanio

    Thank you very much for your valuable feedback on our MM-1 speakers.
    As you rightly point out, the MM-1s are specifically designed for nearfield computer use in mind, which of course somewhat limits the use in other applications.
    However, It has been quite a pleasant surprise that so many people judge the sound quality of the MM-1 so good that they want to use them for other applications than just as a computer speaker.
    As this is our first entry into this product category, we are currently monitoring how this product is being used.
    Your comments have been noted, and will be taken into account for future products

    Product Manager

  • Ascanio says:

    Dear Krestian,

    I’m honored to receive a reply by no less than the Product Manager!
    Great respect for you, and your team, for you are doing a fantastic job at adapting to a market that is changing at a fast pace (and not always in the best direction).

    I think you have the responsibility of keeping the culture of “good listening” live and sound: the masses have completely lost any knowledge about true, natural sound.. in favor of chemically flavored recordings and cheap carton speakers with muddy subwoofers.
    I also think the MM-1’s are a brave attempt at just that.

    Thank you for reaching a market made of people that enjoy good sound, but can not afford serious means of reproduction.

    I wish to rectify two things I previously said:

    1) The MM-1’s don’t sound “dull” out of their sweet spot. I think my initial impression was due to lack of an adequate burn-in, and to the poor desk they were sitting on.

    2) I must admit, I could never set the MM-1’s aside to an “audiophile” corner.. I just want to listen to them all the time. They will be put a side only when I will be able to put my hands on your next set! My intention was to tease you there, and I think I succeeded :)

    I wish you the greatest of lucks with the MM-1’s, because this would mean that human kind stands a chance to be saved.

    Thank you for your kind reply.



  • Kevin Allen says:

    I thought my MM-1s might benefit from being put on some stands rather than on my desk. More to isolate them from vibrations caused by my computer and external hard drives.

    Some Bunbury Boards coasters from John Lewis and a pack of rubber furniture feet from the local Clas Ohlson shop did the trick.

    The speakers are only raised half an inch or so but taking them off my desk does seem to have improved the sound.

    As I’m 6′ 2″ and my ears are some way above the speakers maybe I should raise them to ear level.

  • best of both worlds says:

    Wow a company that listens to its customers.
    what people want is a all in one solution to a computer based media center the mm-1 comes close.But version 2 needs more power and true hi fi sound here is somethings to think about internal dac digital power amplifier small size and top class build quality that is the mm-1 .
    but these are needed for version 2.
    1) 3.5 jacks digital in and out maybe a digital loop out
    2) At least 30 watts per channel volume.
    3) A A class amplifier.
    4) dsp sound options.
    5) option for a sub woofer.
    if anyone can do this i know it would be bowers & wilkins.

  • Krestian says:

    Dear best of both worlds,

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions for future improvements for the MM-1 computer speaker.
    During the development of the MM-1 we did consider an optical digital input as we have on Zeppelin. However, as MM-1 is aimed specifically at computer use we decided that USB as main connection and an analogue AUX in option was sufficient to cover 99% of cases.
    Power: In any speaker design the more power the better. No doubt. The problem is that nothing comes for free, and bigger amplifiers will produce more heat, be larger, and will cost more. Designing a compact audio system is really a fine balance between size, power, price and performance. Also though Class-A amplifiers arguably would benefit the sonic performance, then the inherent power inefficiency of class-A designs would lead to needing big expensive heat sinks, bigger power supplies etc, which again would lead to a bigger speaker.

    DSP options: I guess you mean different EQ settings etc. This could all be done of course, but we didn’t think it was really needed as most media player will have a choice of EQ settings and tone controls.

    A sub-out was also considered but we thought it was kind of defeating the whole purpose of creating a 2.0 desk top system with no need for a subwoofer.

    As I said, your comments are much appreciated and I hope I have been able to answer your questions

    Krestian Pedersen
    Bowers & Wilkins Product Manager

  • thobias says:

    have you consider to make speaker stands exclusive for the mm-1? I have noticed a big sonic enhancement when the speakers are in height with the ears. so maybe a small stand i.e 30-35 cm could do the trick without taken up more space than necessary?

    i have to salut you for a immense product!

    with my best regards


  • thobias says:

    could anyone tell wich type of DAC in mm-1?

  • Hubert Streng says:

    A PC is not centered in a living room, and therefore never a good place to enjoy music. Good PC speakers could be a solution for it. After having gone through more than half a dozen of solutions, they all ended up on Ebay at some point because they left me knowing that music can sound a lot better. Listening to music for a prolonged time simply turned out to be tiring, and sometimes even irritating on al the different setups I have been going through.

    To put it simple. These are the PC speakers I always wanted.

    A few points regarding future improvements:
    One) I thought there was a flaw in the crossover frequencies. But it turned out to be resonance on my desk. A stand would really do the setup good. I am joining the people who ask for stands!
    Two) Regarding a solution to the power and related amp heating issues. Couldn’t two mono amps, One in each speaker, solve this?

  • Gary says:

    I also would like to know what others are using for speaker stands for these fine speakers. I understand the importance of sweet spot and where the speakers are sitting on my desk, about 18 inches below my ears, the sound is terrific but could be that much better at ear level. I have tried placing them, on a shelf, about eighteen inches above, but the length of the cord is too short. I welcome suggestions from users.

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