Meet the reverse wrap cabinet

The 800 Series Diamond has utilised curved cabinets since the Nautilus 800 Series 20 years ago, however, the new 800 Series Diamond benefits from the most radical change to the cabinets
since then.

You don’t find many straight lines in nature – and for good reason. Continuous, curving surfaces create stronger structures with the same amount of material. A curved cabinet provides a stronger bass for drive units to work effectively.


The Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series first moved to curved cabinets with the Nautilus 800 Series, and has maintained this philosophy ever since. And in the new 800 Series Diamond, the curved cabinet still provides the outer shell, and shrugs off vibrations and resonances.

However, unlike previous 800 Series models, the headed models in the new range have a Reverse-Wrap design, where the curvature of the cabinet is now at the front of the loudspeaker, rather than the back. Its curved front also means less baffling around the drive units, so the sound you hear is free from coloration.


Constructed using immense pressure to form a continuously curving outer shell made of layers of beech, the 800 Series Diamond’s reverse-wrap cabinet is among the strongest, most acoustically open cabinet designs Bowers & Wilkins has ever produced.


Fewer hard edges and joins results in a structure that’s altogether stiffer and stronger, reducing resonance and cabinet reflection to a bare minimum. And when coupled to the new Optimised Matrix bracing system this means the cabinets in the new 800 Series Diamond are the stiffest, most rigid cabinets we have ever produced.


The result: the Aerofoil bass drivers are free to do their work and deliver, taught, deep, responsive bass. Which helps to make the new 800 Series Diamond the best performing range of loudspeakers in our 50 year history.

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