Zeppelin – what’s playing on yours?

There’s nothing we like more at Bowers & Wilkins’ London offices than racing in first thing in the morning, plugging an iPod into the office Zeppelin hitting ‘shuffle songs’ and seeing what comes up.

The Bowers & Wilkins office Zeppelin

The Bowers & Wilkins office Zeppelin

All of our music is stored in wonderful Lossless-quality audio obviously, so we get the very best out of the Zeppelin. This is one of the benefits of still using an older generation 160GB iPod Classic.

Here’s the first five that greeted us today.

  • Perfect Timing – Drive by Truckers
  • Heart Attack And Vine – John Hammond Jnr
  • Like A Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan
  • Danny & Dusty – Let’s Hide Away
  • Spare Parts II – Tom Waits

Let us know your first five in a comment below. We’ll give away three months full membership to Society of Sound to any that particularly catch our eye. No cheating now!


  • Michael says:

    Dire Straits-Sultans of Swing
    John Coltrane-I’m Old Fashioned
    The Mars Volta-L’Via L’Viaquez
    Travis Morrison-My Two Front Teeth II& III
    Coheed & Cambria – Wake Up

  • Ben Rose says:

    I don’t own a Zeppelin but you have a nice Sonos ZP90 on there :)

  • Peter Duminy says:

    Let’s see, The Corrs Unplugged, George Benson, Bob James Nautilus, Earth Wind and Fire, Dave Grusin Migration, Ten Sharp, and assorted Classical genres. Great detail and dynamics!

    Kind regards,

    Peter. (Previous B&W R&D Staff)

  • Wouter Schaubroeck says:

    Led Zeppelin – Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
    Barry Louis Polisar – All I Want Is You
    Modest Mouse – Missed The Boat
    The Knife – Marble House
    Kings Of Leon – McFearless

    And what’s that about lossless-quality and older ipod models? Do the newer models lost their capabilities to play lossless audio?

  • Peter says:


    Lost? – Coldplay
    A Whole Day Nearer [Sawhney remix] – John Metcalfe
    Nightswimming – REM
    Stronger – Kanye West
    Bach Prelude, 3rd Suite – Pieter Wispelwey

  • John says:

    The Spotlight Kid – Captain Beefheart
    Gallows Pole – Joe Brown
    Dance Me To The End Of Love – Madeleine Peyroux
    Making The Move – Martin Taylor
    Daughters – John Mayer

  • Christian Scholl says:

    My first five

    Nils Lofgren – Keith Don’t Go (Acoustic)
    3 Doors Down – Not my time (Acoustic)
    Johnny Cash – One
    Zucchero – Il volo
    Maximo Park – Going Missing (Acoustic)

    also watch http://www.klanggeschichten.com


  • SusannaGrant says:

    Hi Wouter,
    the reference to the older model was alluding to their size and therefore the capacity to hold more music. They do, of course, still play lossless audio!

  • SusannaGrant says:

    To Ben,
    Sonos and Zeppelin? A perfect combination surely…

  • Vic says:

    Steve Earle-Tom Aimes Prayer
    Feelies-It’s Only life
    Stephen Malkimus-The Hook
    Miles Davis-So What
    Spoon-Eddies Raga

  • Anthony. says:

    All Aboard- Wynton Marsalis
    Soweto- Goapele
    Sometimes I wonder- The impressions
    Angel remix- Massive attack
    Adeito (1&) – Tabu Ley Rochereau.

    1st five songs on shuffle out of 5000+ tracks

  • shaun says:

    Beatles – while my guitar Gently weeps
    Scud Mountain Boys – Glacier Bay
    Radiohead – (Nice Day)
    Bukka White – Fixin’ to Do
    The Hold Steady – Don’t Let me Explode

    All from a 32GB iPod Touch and in lovely lossless. A good start to the day!

  • Jah says:

    My Morning Jacket-Im Amazed
    Tool-Maynards Dick
    Mahogany Rush-Buddy
    Nightmares On Wax-Dreddoverboard

    1ST Five out of an almost full 120GB Classic
    Loving My Zeppelin

  • simon says:

    xavier rudd-no woman no cry
    pink floyd-granchester meadows
    fugazi-returning the screw
    first five on an almost full 120gb classic

  • Jeff Newton says:

    Loving hearing Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” on my MM-1’s and P5 phones and also the classic James Taylor’s Best Of album with repeated of listen’s to Mexico and Your Smiling Face. All lossless, it’s the only way for proper music. Keep MP3’s for Boyozone and Eastlife.

  • Tomek Jankowski says:

    Recently, as the addition to my standard set of music tracks, I’m running Brian Eno’s Bloom App (available on iTunes) on my iPhone 3GS. My personal favorite composer made iPhone create music on its own, coming up with a new, unique piece every time you run it… beautiful, ambient music with nice visual add-ons. Truly amazing audio-visual experience!

  • Keven says:

    Thomas Newman- Composer. Soundtracks for Shawshank Redemtion, Road to Perdition and Meet Joe Black. Ipod Mini on Apple Lossless. Lights out and a red wine after a hard day.

  • Guy Jackson says:

    Intruder Alert – Lupe Fiasco Feat. Sarah Green
    New Love Grows on Trees – Peter Docherty
    Filthy/Gorgeous – Scissor Sisters
    Beautiful Day – U2
    Rememo – Kings of Leon

  • Chris Hall says:

    1. Peter Frampton – Lying from Live in Detroit
    2. Cream – Crossroads from Albert Hall (reunion)
    3. Doyle Bramhall II – Away We Go Away
    4. Andrea Bocelli – Mattinata
    5. Def Leopard – Day After Day

    Love my Zepplin Mini!

  • charles thompson says:

    Kraftwerk – autobhan!!

  • Tarzipan says:

    Peaches – The Stranglers
    Teardrop – Massive Attack
    Cannonball – The Breeders
    I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
    Dirty Old Town – The Pogues

    Rapture bought on by the heady combination of my Zeppelin and 120GB Classic! I actually think I might just LOVE the sales guy (KRCS we had shop rockin to Peaches, The Stranglers) he recommended the Zeppelin, my decision instantly made…. Everything’s Shmooove, Hey that’s Shmooooove!

  • UserName says:

    I bought a Zepplin today to replace a Soundock2.

    Dire Straights – Sultans of swing
    Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
    Muse – Undisclosed Desires
    Noisia – Block Control
    Pendulum – Another World

    I have to say though, the Bose has a more detailed sound. I love the B&W sound, I still have DM601 Mk1’s as reference monitors. It’s warm, involving and full of character, but i do like the high resolution sound of the Bose

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