What Hi-Fi? awards Zeppelin Air five stars

Zeppelin Air

Zeppelin Air is the ultimate wireless AirPlay speaker dock, but it’s not just us that think so. What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision devoted two pages to Zeppelin Air, and were unstinting in their praise.

The prestigious and influential What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine was one of the first titles to review Zeppelin Air. And its reviewers were very impressed: awarding Zeppelin air five stars, and a glowing write up.

They were highly impressed by AirPlay, the Zeppelin’s Air’s set up procedure – which they described as “painless, and just takes a couple of minutes”. But what they were most taken with was the sound quality Zeppelin air offers, whether through docking an iPod, or wired or wireless streaming.

They described the bass as having impressive weight and depth, while vocals sounded “natural and full of emotion.” They concluded that Zeppelin Air was a “big step up” from the original Zeppelin, and a “must-hear for dock buyers”.

You can read the full review here

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  • KOSTAs says:

    “The prestigious and influential What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine was one of the first titles to review Zeppelin Air. ” No, not really.Actually there are others(5-6) who reviewed weeks earlier,mentioning the whole picture of zep air not just the good side….

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