Pocket Lint awards Zeppelin Mini 8.5/10

As Pocket Lint points out: “The premise of the Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Mini is a simple one, to offer the same sound and experience as the original Zeppelin, but without the massive design and size”

They then proceed to see if the Mini succeeds in that claim.

Their opinion: ” The Zeppelin Mini produces a well rounded mature sound that will easily fill a medium-sized room… the company has still managed to do wonders with the sound especially considering the size of the unit.”

US site Mac Observer also reviewed the Mini giving it a full  5/5. Summarising, they argue

“Considering the design aesthetics, quality, attention to detail, integration with Mac, documentation out of the box experience and the quality of sound, the Zeppelin Mini receives a perfect 5 out of 5”.


  • Taks says:

    How come that the iPad doesn’t work on the mini Zeppelin?

  • jacob says:

    will B&W make a portable ipod docking station?

  • Eric says:

    The iPad is likely too LARGE to dock on a Mini, besides being too heavy.

  • PItt says:

    I have just bought a Zeppellin for my office to use with my PC and Iphone 4. The sound is simply amazing.

    I discovered however that Video on IPhone 4 does not play whilst docked despite updating to the latest firmware 2.1.0.

  • Joseph Madlinger says:

    By the way,, the iPad does not work with the Mini Zeppelin? What is the deal?

  • Ted says:

    I bought the mini for my iPad…..please tell me how I can get it to play thru the speakers so I don’t have to return it! It docks just fine but produces no sound and the controls don’t work when docked…. Will an Ipad dock with connector work? Looking forward to an answer soon! Thanks!

  • Natalia says:

    Hi, I have also an IPad and I was thinking to buy the mini for my ipad, @Ted if you can make it work, can you tell us how? and @B&W can you inform us what will happen with the Ipad compatibility with the mini and the Zeppelin?

  • Alex says:

    Moreover, Zeppelin mini does not work with the latest iPod touch 4th gen 64/32G.
    Need a solution otherwise return

  • Alex says:

    Oops! a single complain was enough to make it work! still can’t understand but by pressing two buttons together sound appeared!
    Now it is turn for iPad ?

  • Erhan says:

    Apple schrieb:

    “Die drahtlose AirPlay Technologie wird in Lautsprecherdocks, AV-Empfänger und Stereosysteme von Anbietern wie Bowers & Wilkins und Denon integriert sein”

    Wann kommt es? Werden die aktuelle Zeppelins diese Funktion unterstützen?

  • SusannaGrant says:

    Dear Erhan

    We will be announcing more news regarding this later on in the year so please watch this space.
    Kind regards

  • SusannaGrant says:

    Dear Natalia,
    Though neither the Zeppelin and Zeppelin Mini were designed for it, both are compatible with the iPad.

    I hope this helps.
    Kind regards

  • paul says:

    have just purchased the mini. the ipod plays but no sound is coming out of the system….what am i doing wrong? do i need to adjust a setting on the ipod? i have an ipod 3gs

  • hur says:

    how can i buy or gain iphone4 dock device for mini zeppelin…
    i can’t find seller in s.korea
    plz let me know it!

  • Chris says:

    Have enjoyed my mini zepplin since purchasing last January. Sound quality is rich for its
    size, however since downloading ipod update 4.1 I have detected a skipping sort of sound when a song is playing. I’ve tried the ipod on other docking stations and have found the sound clean. The problem seems to be exclusively related to the mini zepplin.
    What are my options for correcting the problem ?

  • achim says:

    i used my zeppelin mini with my old iphone 3G.
    now i just got the iphone 4.
    can i get an adapter for this phone separately? it works when i push it in – but its just not perfect….

    thank you


  • FRITS says:

    Is there a bag for this wonderful thing just for traveling ?


  • Joseph Madlinger says:

    Use a speaker cable wire that is the same as that on a set of headphones that fits the iPad sound jack, and plug it into the female connector at the back ot the Mini Zeppelin.

    Basically, a speaker cable with two male connectors.

  • pierre says:

    hi can i plug aheadphone amp into the zeppelin reason why i like to play my ipod classic late at night but my grado 80is do not play very loud any help thanks.

  • pierre says:

    thanks for the reply joseph but my zeppelin is the big boy not the mine

  • Dan Watters says:

    has any one used the ipad on the big latest zeppelin
    and if so has any one had any problems with these

  • New Media Support says:

    The B&W Zeppelin and Zeppelin Mini were designed and produced for use with iPods and iPhones’ and were not designed with a device of the iPads’ size in mind. Due to the products physical size we cannot recommend placing the iPad on the docking arm. However the iPad does feature the multipin terminal commonly found on most iPod and iPhone devices, which potentially allows the iPad to work directly with the B&W Zeppelin and Zeppelin Mini.

    Apple are also intending to release a new operating system for this product which may further alter the compatibility of the iPad with the B&W Zeppelin.

    The suggested alternative method for use would be to connect the B&W Zeppelins’ AUX input to the Apple iPads’ headphone output, using a 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack cable. If you wish for the iPad to remain upright while in use with the B&W Zeppelin, there are accessories available from Apple to enable this.

    In conclusion, will the B&W Zeppelin hold the iPad? Yes but currently it is not advised and the alternative method should be followed.

    We hope this helps,
    New Media Support Team

  • Ben h says:

    Does anybody know if there is a case available for the Zeppelin mini so I can travel around with it?

  • New Media Support says:

    Dear Ben,
    Unfortunately we do not manufacture a travel case for the Zeppelin Mini.

    Kind regards
    New Media Support

  • Mirco says:

    Is now available any cradle or adapter to connect iphone 4 with zeppelin mini? I really need it, especially with the “horizontal position” and I read last year on apple store that probably will be soon on the market. Thank you

  • Peter says:

    Good question Mirco, I would also love to know if the iPhone 4 cradle is available for the Zeppelin Mini. If so how do I go about getting it? Since your product boasts iPhone 4 support you should mail these out free to your iPhone 4 and Zepplin Mini customers. If not yet available, when will you make it available?

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your message,

    Due to the fact that the Apple iPhone 4 was released at a later date to the B&W Zeppelin Mini, a cradle specifically designed for the iPhone 4 is not included in the original packaging. However, they are now available and in stock, and it is possible to order an iPhone 4 cradle from our UK Contact centre by calling free phone 0800 232 1513, and they will be happy to send one out to you free of charge.

    Kind regards
    Bowers & Wilkins

  • Suzanne says:

    I’m unable to get my iPhone 4 to work with the Zeppelin Mini. In fact, I had the same problem in the store with the floor model, but the salesperson got it to work, and the other commenters here got it to work on theirs, so I’m hoping there is just some trick and the problem isn’t a bad unit. Any tips?

  • NY Buyer says:

    How would one go about getting the iPhone 4 cradle in the U.S.?
    I posted a technical support query on the B&W website, but got a response that provided me with a part number for a replacement remote control?!?
    When I sent a follow-up e-mail to clarify my request, I got no response, and have been unable to reach anyone through the 800 customer service number. Please help!

  • Keith Haig says:

    I have purchased the zep mini and a 4th gen 32g i-pod touch to be used together. It plays ok with my I-phone 4s but will not play with my I-pod which is the reason I bought these speaker. I am using the correct cradles.
    Anyone have any ideas or similar problem????

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