Chris Kerr #myzeppelin

Having trained with his father, legendary ‘60s tailor Eddie Kerr, bespoke tailor Chris Kerr is a Soho stalwart and his bespoke suits are worn by everyone from Nick Cave to Johnny Depp.

Heritage is clearly important to Chris and when we visited his shop on Berwick Street he is wielding an impressively heavy pair of 80-year old scissors that had originally belonged to his father.

There are no short-cuts to making a bespoke suit, once you’ve measured the customer, drafted the pattern, cut it out, sewed it together and fitted it, it needs to look good. Chris is a master of this as his impressive client list indicates.

We don’t know what Chris plays on his Zeppelin Wireless whilst he’s measuring a customer but we do know it’s going to sound good.

Chris Kerr
Chris Kerr
Chris Kerr

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