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Excellent Panorama soundbar review in hometheaterreview.com

Excellent Panorama soundbar review in hometheaterreview.com

In reviewing the Panorama soundbar, Hometheaterreview.com write, “products like this exist for a reason; it’s to give you a better sense of what was recorded in the studio“.

They conclude: “You don’t necessarily need to drop $2,000 for a soundbar, but for those who want the best, the Panorama is your huckleberry.”

You can read the full review here.


  • Ophir Laizerovich says:

    I recently purchased the Panomara, to replace a Denon receiver and reference series Klipsch bookshelf speakers. I moved to house that has hardwood floors and an offset staircase behind our couch. The room has no insulation and sound carries way too much around the house. I was looking for a sound system that would accomodate the space, and also not give me an echo factor for the rest of the house.

    I have tested the new Panomara with movies, music, and games. We love watching movies as well as listening to rock, and other music. With the combination of our Sony Bravia and the Infiniti sub, the sound incredible. If I crank up the sound I hear everything in extreme clarity and with movies, I hear everything as though I had surround sound system. I can’t believe this system is this clear from a sound bar. This is well worth the buy, and I would strongly recommend this speaker system to anyone.

  • Devron Felder says:

    I just received my Panorama three days ago and let me just say…. Thank you Bowers and Wilkins. I am by no means an audiophile and have never owned anything in the high end audio bracket. Prior to buying this I really thought Bose was the top of the speaker ladder. I went to Best Buy wanting an end to the endless streamers of speaker wire all over the house, a huge pain considering I don’t own a home and I move quite a lot. Thinking my only option was a wireless speaker system the sales rep showed me the B&W Panorama and I was amazed, until that is I got it home. At home I was simply blown away! I do know that I may be missing some of the finer detail of a real surround sound system without the rear speakers but what I get more than makes up for it with amazing sounds, incredible voice clarity even during the loudest battle scenes of a movie, and a depth to music that I have never experienced before.
    In closing, yes this is expensive but if you can get it you will like me gain a new appreciation for all the possibilities your movies and music have to offer. Thank you Bowers and Wilkins for making me an audiophile and a happy one at that.

  • John De Bellas says:

    Though I’m close to making a decision on the purchase of Panorama, I’m hesitant because of the lack of HDMI inputs. It’s my understanding that true Dolby digital can only be achieved this way. I’m told that Blue Ray discs cannot reach their full audio potential without HDMI. Perhaps you could shed some light on your decision to produce this marvelous product without them. I’m sure your audio engineers had a good reason.
    Thank you, John

  • Brian says:

    I have come across one comment suggesting a ‘new’ model with HDMI and AirPlay is about to be released. So there should be a sale on if that’s true but I’d be hanging out for the newbie. Anyone heard anything as I nearly bought it last week.

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