Win new Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series speakers

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We’re giving you the chance to hear your music again as if for the first time.

Send us a picture of your old entry level speakers – even better if they are an old pair of 600 Series – and tell us why you need a new pair. Our favourite answers will win a pair of 685 speakers from the new 600 Series.

Enter on Facebook via #new600series tab. Alternatively you can enter on Twitter and Instagram ensuring you include @bowerswilkins.

All entries should include the #new600series hashtag

We will pick two winners over the duration of the competition and each winner will win a pair of Bowers & Wilkins 685s. The competition will run from 28 February 2014 to 14th March 2014.

Competition terms and conditions


  • Brendan Quilty says:

    I’m just getting started collecting High Resolution Music and it would be wonderful to have a pair of speakers that would be able to resolve my music!!! Fingers Crossed!!!!


  • erhan says:

    Hello, I am Erhan from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am owner of 602 S3, for 10 years they work every day, make my life full of joy and happiness. If i won a new pair I hope next 10 years will be real enjoying before retirement. Thank Bowers and Wilkins for excellent sound and fantastic design.
    Best regards,

  • James Aynes says:

    The 600 series speaker are best speakers I have even owned they go as loud as I want and as low as my wife prefers them to be at all times haha!!!! I have owned pioneer and Bose some of the best that are supposed to be out there on the market and none compare to the 600 series that I have personly heard.

  • Kent says:

    I’ve entered over on twitter! Hope you like it as the 150 limit was hard to work with guys ;)

  • Ruzveh says:

    #new600series – My speakers are great but i can feel the music to be flat. I cant feel the dynamism which i find in my normal earphones connected with my mp3 player. I dont know why

  • Mirza says:

    What to say about the best speakers in the world. I had 603’s, they’ve served me around 8 years. Now i have 685’s for past 2 years, and they are a treasure. Keep on the great work.

  • Dan race says:

    B&W till I die. Mine are in storage until we move house and they are deeply missed however, they stood proud (and played loud) on m desk at home to get me through the bad times and made me dance in the good times.I just need to get a matching setup in tv front room so my family can enjoy the musical roller coaster that only a set of B&W’s can deliver.

    Ps… I think my neighbours enjoy they too ;)

  • Bertell Winston says:

    To be honest, the last set of speakers i owned were 25 years ago. The year my first child was born. I do love my P5 headphones. I have some old Jazz albums that meet to come out of retirement. They will go nice with the purchase a new turn table and amplifier. I have the perfect place for them.

  • siebren vis says:

    I love those speakers

  • Jerome Fragman says:

    I need a pair of bookshelves speakers…that’s the reason I can’t send a picture of my “old” ones! Don’t have any!!

  • T.hellegers says:

    Wat ben ik zelf toch heel/heel erg hard aan nieuwe luidsprekers toe.Dit komt als geroepen deze b&w 685 van de nieuwe 600-serie in de kleur black/zwart.Ik hoop ook deze b&w luidsprekers/boxen ook echt te winnen.

  • T.hellegers says:

    Met deze b&w luidsprekers/boxen 685 van de nieuwe 600 serie in de kleur black/zwart heb je ook iets heel erg moois gewonnen als je het ook echt wint.Het komt als geroepen voor mij.

  • Haim says:

    I bought my 602 S3 brand new from the store many many years ago, and have been enjoying them greatly. Both my speakers and myself have grown old side by side, but as we are still going strong,.I do not really want to replace them, unless I had the means to upgrade to the 800 series :-)
    Best wishes

  • German Quintana says:

    603, front and rear. bought in 1998 in Chile, then moved to USA.Still delivering very good and dynamic music…

  • Bourgeois says:

    Zou formidabel goed staan in een klei appartement

  • Jean-François says:

    I did love them but I was not the only one….
    Thieves came one night into my house and took them away along with my amplifier … (And my car!)
    They were so cleaver that they left behind them my cheap CD player!

  • Neil jordan says:

    I own a pair of P3 headphones which I love, I use them everyday. I visited the what hi-fi show in Bristol and top of my list was to listen to the new 600’s to hear for myself if the reviews which I had read were as good as reported. I was amazed with the clarity of the sound, the effortless of the deep bass it produced. I have started saving for a set of 600 series should be able to order them in the summer… Can’t wait !!!

  • Javier Sanchez says:

    Does any one have any comments in terms of how well (or not) would the various generations of 600 series speakers timbre match each other?

    Today my Home Theater is made up of 2 DM 602 (original) and a CC6 up front, DM 601s in the back. I am thinking of a pair 683s and move the 602 to the rear, then over time, as budget permits replace the CC6 with the HTM1.

    The main purpose of my HT is to handle surround music, so I believe continued timbre matching as I upgrade separate pieces over time would be failry critical.

    Your comments are appreciated.


  • Sylvain Girard says:

    I have a pair of 685 and i’m in love with them,but the new serie 600 will be the paradise for me! I’m not able to give you a picture with my Ipad,i’send the picture by email later.Thank you to take my participation.

  • peter says:

    I have a pair of M74I Mission floor standing speakers connected to a 25w micro system they sound brilliant and are the best I have ever had but my wife cant get on with them because of their size just wondered how these bowers and Wilkins speakers would compare in sound

  • Cliff says:

    Sorry to say but i don’t have any speakers to show you.. They are only on my wish list as im trying to save up for them
    I went to a local dealer some time ago and listened to these speaker from Bower and Wilkens . Wow! The most wonderful sound ive ever heard from a speaker outside of my nieces sax from her live Jazz band playing .

    Well, i have to start somewhere and i won”t settle for less. I know quality when i see it. In Bowers & Wilkens, Its when i hear those notes coming from craftsmanship.
    Someday the ultimate music sound of the Nautilus you make. Love the videos of the precise building of a lifetime product….your speakers,
    Thank you so much!

  • 丁宁 says:


  • jose beltrame says:

    I need a new pair os B%Ws because I love my old ones, and I know you are always improving your products and makink it even better!

  • Соколов Антон says:

    Мне очень хотелось бы подарить свою акустику B&W 685 своему брату Артему т.к. он студент и не может себе позволить их купить. Когда он приходит ко мне в гости, то всегда восхищается качеством звучания B&W 685
    Думаю что новая серия получилась очень хорошая. Вы на правильном пути , успехов Вам.

  • Riaan says:

    I ‘ve got the cm5.i am playing it through a clear audio concept turntable.So far the best I have heard.I can only imagine how it will sound on the new 600 series or the cm10.

  • James Turner says:

    Hi I currently have a pair of 603 S2 and previously had a pair of 602 S3. Both speakers are absolutely fantastic. I would love a pair of the new 685 as we are in the process of moving and simply will not have a big enough place to house our new daughter and my current 603 s2’s :-(

  • Peter van Velze says:

    Some years ago, I acquired a pair of second hand DM2’s that were a perfect match for the smaller DM4’s I already owned. Joining this already impressive line-up, I added a new LCR3 centre speaker. Looking at their respective ages, they have provided their consecutive owners, myself included, with well over a century of listening pleasure. And although they are still going strong, maybe it is time to give the new generation their chance to rise to glory too. Bring in the new era of sound, I look forward to another century of Bowers & Wilkins!

  • Christopher John Bridgman says:

    Thanks for the offer but when Spencer Hughes built me my personally tweaked matched pair of Spendor BC1s he assured me that someone would have to go a long way to better them. So far, no one has…

  • Gonzalo Trejos says:

    New home, new speakers… :D Hopefully…

  • Markus says:

    Wäre mein Friseur nicht gewesen , hätte ich meine HighEnd Ambitionen nie so ausleben können . Beide teilen die Freude an sehr gut hörbarer Musik aller Richtungen , wiedergegeben an perfekten Endgeräten . Bei mir hat es bis jetzt nur zu einem Center der 600er Serie und einem P5 gereicht . Aber das Kind im Manne hat ja immer Ziele . Meines ist ein ausgewogenes Klangbild durch die komplette 600er Serie zu erreichen Accuphase und Transrotor wurden schon in Memoriam an meinen Vater überholt . Ich bin weiter neugierig .

  • Dmitriy Sukhanov says:


  • Timoy says:

    I own a pair of B&W Matrix 1 Series 2, they are made in 1989, so i could use some new B&W Speakers, and speakers from the 600 series would be just perfect. These B&W speakers that I have at the moment, are awesome, they are really good for small speakers, and still work perfect, good job B&W, you are the Hi-fi King!

  • Charlie says:

    Ever since my first encounter with B&W 600 series, I couldn’t get over its one of a kind design–classic yet functional, its outstanding acoustic performance. No matter its bookshelf boxes or floor set ones, both provide listeners with a total renewed experience , even for those songs that have been played via else facilities. For me myself, the best devotion is not only holding a loyal commitment into the brand, but trying to taste every effort and innovation and technology inside the speakers. Wish me good luck and LOVE B&W always.

  • Anthony Bailleul says:

    I have B&W 2001, Why 600 Series, because I worth it !!!

  • Ed Schuil says:

    OMG! The new 600 series!
    These wil sound great on my Marantz SR7005
    I have listen to them in the store lately, absolute great sound!
    Compared to other speakers brands, B&W does it for me.
    I’ve owned a pair of 686 en these sounds great also
    Hopefully i win a pair of this baby’s.
    Keep up the good work, Bowers & Wilkins!
    Sorry for the bad english, I,m from Holland

  • Michal Jursik says:

    I own the very first DM601 speakers and they are great. I have bet all on B&W and purchased PV1D subwoofer last month and Im blown away. It matches DM601 very well. The new 600 series would definatelly blown me away.

  • Mark Ormiston says:

    A set of 600 series would be a huge upgrade to my gramophone and once I find out where the banana plugs go I’m sure it will sound amazing.

  • Daan de Bree says:

    I bought my first Bowers and Wilkins product when I was 17. I had to work the whole summer, but after that I was a very proud owner of the Zeppelin Air. Since then i became more and more interested in sound and soundquality. I heard a lot of speakers in a store in Leiden, my hometown. The conclusion i made is that overal sound of bowers and wilkins products suits me the best, and i bought firstly the P5 and later the P7. Now I want my experience with B&W products to grow and I was going to bid on some second hand 600 series but I waited… and I hope that I can win the 600 series this way!

    Much love and appreciation from the Netherlands
    Daan de Bree

  • jhun angeles says:

    I just wish to have a pair and listen to the enchanting sound it create….. .. .

  • Michael says:

    Hallo, ich heiße Michael und komme aus Deutschland.

    Ich möchte, ihnen ein großes lob aussprechen, für so viel gute Arbeit die Sie
    Sie haben, gute Ideen, Innovationen und Traumhafte Lautsprecher die Sie er-
    schaffen. Ich bin einmal, in den Genus gekommen Musik aus Lautsprechern
    der Marke B&W zu hören und Ich muss sagen , es war ein echtes Erlebnis
    für Mich.
    Leider kann ich Mir denn Kauf der echt schönen SERIE 600 nicht ermöglichen,
    Ich habe eine Familie mit zwei Kindern, wo so ausgaben leider nicht möglich

    Würde Mich sehr freuen, wenn Ich Lautsprecher der Marke B&W gewinnen würde!!!

    PS: Macht weiter so gute Arbeit

  • edzel d. madronio says:

    I need a new pair of your DigitalMonitor 600 series because I wasnt able to complete my 7.1 set up since year 2000… I just acquired asw 1000 for my subwoofer, DM602 series 3 for my front, LCR60series 3 for center and a DM601 series 3 for my rear…i’ve purchased them in year 2001 here at sharila plaza’s sight & sounds store in the Philippines and yet they still deliver excellently considering the technology is quite bit so fast , i didn’t consider to upgrade my set up because I’m so much satisfied with the performance of this 600 series…I’ve enrolled their speaker control number to your website last 2004 i think…hoping you guys consider my entry…MABUHAY…Edzel D. Madronio…Quezon City, Philippines ZC1113…

  • sid thaker says:

    Girlfriend stole speaker life is now only in MONO! help me bring stereo back to my ears #new600series @BowersWilkins

  • Ewin says:

    Just got 3 M1 Speakers and, of course they would need two big Brothers
    or probably Parents to be a healthy Family. I think the 600’s would be great relatives
    and would help the to get bigger in a “Sound”world that is still healty.

  • Rastus says:

    What’s the rack system in the pic – looks great !

  • Martin Walsh says:

    Hi I have a pair of DM601 S2 serial no’s 0148113 & 018114, they are well used have unfortunately gathered a lot of dust from over the years on the outer speaker cover. These are part of a set of DM 602.5 S3’s , an ASW600, and a LCR60 S3 making up my ” AWESOME SOUND MACHINE” . The DM601 S2’s are bi wired onto a MARANTZ SR7500 and I am gratefully often asked to “wind up” the volume and am able to boast and oblige all at once when we have friends over. Please consider my entry for the new 685’s, I’ll promise to keep you posted on all the comments and reviews.

    Thank you


    Martin Walsh
    Cape Town, South Africa

  • ypfonklvg says:

    Win new Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series speakers | Society of Sound

  • gykmwklqn says:

    Win new Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series speakers | Society of Sound

  • nrdmbegbtb says:

    Win new Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series speakers | Society of Sound

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