What Hi-Fi? goes behind the scenes of the 800 Series Diamond

What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine made a special visit to our 800 Series Diamond factory in Worthing, UK, for the official press launch of our new flagship speaker range.

They were introduced to the new range during a day that included extensive listening sessions, and also had a behind-the-scenes look at the complex and painstaking manufacturing process that lies behind the best sounding speakers we have ever created.

You can watch the video here

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  • thomas says:

    Hello there I have thought about a great implimentation for your dimond technology. I am so peased that you created the p5 headphones as they truly are remarkabe in that they are as I dreamed many times while enjoying myself in front of your speakers. ” wouldnt it be great if B&W made headphones ” And succeded you have. However I would love to own a headphone by B&W using a dimond driver, along with the acompanying dac/amp electronics offered perhaps by rotel. Such a system wich could be plugged into any apple device although comberson by comparison to the p5′s could have the title. Sd800′s stationary dimaond 800 seires in other words best perfromance possible. As there are no doubt many custermers who simply can’t listen all hours of the night as I certainly do when i have the house to myself. I see the title on this website is plural so perhaps somthing is on its way. On a personal and professional note I am currently composing music for piano and find binarial recording a first person veiw, as such I would be more than happy to pay for a costly product such as a dimond series headphone if they enabled my self and others to hear all that the paino has to offer and in the right hands is a hell of a lot! cheers

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