Listening Dune – A Journey of Bird Migration

To mark the re-opening of the Belgian Bird Sanctuary at Zwin this Spring, eminent sound recordist Chris Watson and Belgian sound artist Els Viaene created a sonic installation intended to immerse visitors in the sound of migrating birds using thirty-two AM-1 speakers


This unique composition in the Listening Dune, an ampitheatre embedded within the nature reserve, will evoke an immersive spatial listening experience simulating the life of migrating birds.


The journey of migration covers thousands of miles and is an extraordinary physical achievement, fraught with danger, undertaken by thousands of birds every year. From Iceland, Siberia, Greenland over Europe to the Sahara and South Africa.


The recordings will start travel in the South, passing over the atmospheric sounds of the North Sea coast and its surrounding wetlands. Using ambisonic playback the listener will become part of these extraordinary journeys.

This installation can be experienced from 1st June 2016.

Chris Watson
Els Viaene
Photo credit: Toon Coussement

@Toon Coussement

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