Experience the new 600 Series first at Sound & Vision: The Bristol Show

Bowers & Wilkins 683 theatre speakers

Be among the first in the UK to hear our stunning new 600 Series.

We will be launching the new 600 Series at the UK’s largest hi-fi  and home cinema show, Sound & Vision: The Bristol Show on the 21, 22 and 23 February 2014.

You will also be able experience our range of Wireless Music Systems and headphones including the award-winning P7.

Join us and find out how we have dramatically improved the existing 600 Series’ legendary combination of outstanding value and exemplary audio performance using tweeter technology taken from Bowers & Wilkins award-winning CM10 speaker.

Double Dome tweeters feature a thin aluminium dome for lightness, surrounded by a thicker aluminium ring for rigidity. 600 Series tweeters are also ‘Decoupled’ from the cabinet for acoustic independence. The result is treble performance so pure and precise it will take your breath away.

Bringing high-end sound quality within the reach of more people than ever before, Bowers & Wilkins existing 600 Series of hi-fi and home cinema speakers has won a host of awards for its mix of value and performance.

Now, six new speakers radically revamp the entire range and dramatically improve every element of its design. The resulting range – versatile, discreetly stylish and able to compete against far more expensive rivals – sets an all-new standard for affordable loudspeakers.


  • Philip Palmer says:

    Please give me a price list

  • Carl says:

    Yes are there price lists?

  • David says:

    A superb demonstration of the new 600 series in bristol, but one thing. The speakers were so far apart there was zero soundstage even with the bigger speakers. I felt like i was listening to two speakers rather than one soundstage.

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