Weather-proof speakers for your BBQ

Ben Rose BBQ

Summer’s almost here and it’s time to get the rusty BBQ out of the shed. But every outdoor party needs music which is where B&W weather-proof monitors come in handy.

We’ll be running a competition to win a pair of weather-proof WM2’s next month so stay tuned.

In the meantime, B&W owner Ben listens to music all year round whilst cooking using a combination of his Sonos multi-room music system and B&W Weatherproof Monitor speakers. He gave us his Top 10 BBQ tracks.

Please let us know what inspires you to cook up a storm!
Ben’s Top 10 (in reverse order of course):

10] Light my Fire – The Doors
9] If you can’t stand the heat (get out of the kitchen) – Bucks Fizz
8] Firestarter – The Prodigy
7] Hot Dog – Shakin’ Stevens
6] Burn – Usher
5] Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
4] The Ketchup Song – Las Ketchup
3] Play with Fire – Rolling Stones
2] Burn Baby Burn – Ash (a double whammy on the artist/title that one)
and the #1 BBQ related track is….
1] Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – Roxy Music

Enjoy :O)



  • Desmond says:

    Going on my BBQ experience, how about:

    Another Song about the Rain: Cracker
    See the Sky about to Rain: Nail Young
    Rain: The Beatles

  • Dean says:

    Personally I find The Smiths’ Meat is Murder followed by Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound by Hank Williams Jr sum up my BBQs well.

  • reuben says:

    On a rather more optimistic note I’d go for sunshine music like Jazz Jamaica’s Massive or Sublime’s 40oz to Freedom – both perfect summer albums!

  • Simon says:

    How about

    Fire by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown Sauce

    I’ll get my coat, Simon

  • Boogie says:

    How’s about ( Jimmy Saville voice needed )

    I can’t stand the Rain by Tina Turner

    and Thunder and lightning by Coltrane Chi.

    Ok my time to walk

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