Abbey Road’s legendary Studio 2 grows to accommodate 800 Diamond

Abbey Road’s Studio 2 is quite possibly the most famous recording studio in the world. It is here that artists such as The Beatles, U2, Grove Armada and David Gilmour have recorded some of their finest moments.

And now the legendary control room has undergone a major refurbishment, which includes a new 60 channel AMS Neve 88RS mixing console, and the creation of extra space for the studio’s new Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond loudspeakers.

Jonathan Smith, manager of the Studios, is overjoyed with the new developments. “Abbey Road has always invested in the best cutting edge technology, to optimise the sound of our wonderful rooms. We are therefore delighted to have installed the finest, state of the art analogue console in the world’s most famous and iconic studio.

In combination with the most fantastic outboard gear and world famous engineers, Studio Two is a truly incredible offering to the modern recording environment.”

The 800 Diamond is the flagship loudspeaker in the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond range, and is the loudspeaker of choice of the most demanding recording studios and engineers because of its sheer, unadulterated realism.


  • Sam says:

    I wonder why they chose the 800 Diamnond and not the Nautilus. Maybe because the Nautilus still isn’t using the diamond tweeter. What would really be interesting is if all 4 drivers on the Nautilus could be made out of the same diamond process used for the tweeters.

  • Mike L. says:

    Diamond posesses the perfect characteristics needed in a high frequency driver being lightweight and rigid. These aren’t ideal characteristics for midrange or sub frequency transducers. It would create one expensive pair of speakers though!

  • Mike L. says:

    I wonder if they are bi-amping with Classe CAM600’s in this situation?

  • Peter Duminy says:

    Truly a world class speaker system for a world class studio! Absolutely outstanding!

  • Paul Dixon says:

    Personally, I wish they had placed it on the “British Register of Historic Places” and kept it as a shrine from the 60s.

  • craig says:

    Hmm. They don’t seem to want to talk much about the TANNOYS used for all that mixing up until they got swapped out by B&W. Wonder if they kept any of the old stuff. I agree with Paul. That would have been the correct respect for the place. Or dismantle it and move it to Seattle to the EMP. There was actually a large white speaker for sale recently on Craigslist, Seattle, WA. claiming to be one of the old abbey road monitors.

  • Jake Purches says:

    Abbey Road has been using B&W for over 20 years to my knowledge – when I used to photograph them in the studios. Then it was B&W matrix 801s and 805s. Nautilus speakers were used in B&W Music’s Brown hill studios but they need a lot of space. I don’t know why they are not being used myself, as they are reference speakers par excellence. Perhaps the fact they are complex and somewhat prone to accidental damage may be the factor in deciding. But Nautilus did pave the way for the technology in the 800s. I suspect the 800s have higher dynamic range too. When Nautilus was invented there were no 20 or 24 bit recording techniques, or SA-CD with 130 db range. CD can barely reach 95db.

  • David says:

    Maybe the picture is deceiving, but doesn’t the room look too small for such big speakers? And how much sound does the console itself get in the way of?

  • Phil says:

    I’m curious of about the previous comment. Doesn’t the soundboard block a significant portion of the sound? Anybody know why this speaker placement is used?

  • william says:

    is the panorama 2 worth buying with it lack of support for hd sound and no streaming. is there any plans for the panorama 2 to be updated any time soon

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