Tracks to Rio: Will Sharman, hurdles

In 2012, key British Olympians and Paralympians such as Sir Chris Hoy and Richard Whitehead wore our headphones both in training and preparation before their main events. Ahead of Rio 2016, a new generation of athletes share with us the music that helps them get into the zone.

Not only is William Sharman the current European silver medalist and Commonwealth Games silver medalist, he is also a classically trained pianist, has a BA in Economics and a Masters in banking.

Born in Lagos and brought up in Corby, Northamptonshire, Sharman comes from a family of sportsmen. His father played rugby union for Northampton Saints and his brother competed in the World Bobsleigh Championships for Britain.

Having just missed out on the Olympics in 2012, Sharman is bound for Rio 2016 with his eyes fixed firmly on the prize.

Here he gives us his current top 10 tracks he listens to on his P5 Wireless headphones:

Michael Jackson – I’m bad.
Loved the MJ scene growing up in the 80’s and 90’s and the music video to this in the movie was inspiring.

Snoop Dogg ft Pharrel – Beautiful
I could fill up the whole list with MJ classics but Beautiful takes me back to a time of my first crush. Not first crush… Started paying more attention to girls perhaps.

Dr Dre – Kush ft Snoop Dogg & Akon.
Classic Dr Dre beats… Dre’s beats are a big influence in my music culture.

Drake – Controlla
Big summer tune this year

Montell Jordan – This is how we do it.
Classic 2 step dance floor tune 

Usher – You make me wanna.
Takes me back to the best days of R’n’B. Kind of songs you could sing along to.

Craig David – 7 days
Changed the UK r’n’b scene.

DJ Luck and MC Neat – Master blaster 2000
Love the beginning of UK garage and these guys helped it on its way through.

Craig David ft Artful Dodger – Rewind

Turn on, tune in, chill out


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