Tracks to Rio: Dylan Fletcher, sailor

In 2012, key British Olympians and Paralympians such as Sir Chris Hoy and Richard Whitehead wore our headphones both in training and preparation before their main events. Ahead of Rio 2016, a new generation of athletes share with us the music that helps them get into the zone.

Dylan Fletcher, together with his sailing partner Alain Sign, narrowly missed out competing for London 2012 Games and are determined to take gold at Rio 2016. That’s not to say they don’t already have a full trophy case including two European Championship Golds and two Open European Championships Silvers.


Team GB lead the way in sailing at the Olympic Games with 55 medals accrued since 1986 – including 26 golds – so to be picked as part of the team is a huge accomplishment and obviously means the world to Fletcher, especially after being pipped at the post for the 2012 squad:

“We have worked so hard for this. Alan is the best crew in the world and when we are on our day we are untouchable so hopefully we can bring that to the Games and enjoy it and have a good week.”

Our truly immersive noise-isolating P5 Wireless headphones enable athletes to totally focus, whether they are training or winding down.

Here’s what Dylan will be listening to in the run-up to the Rio 2016 Olympics:

Turn on, tune in, work out.

Imagine Dragons – Shots (Broiler remix)

James Hersey – Coming over (filous remix)

Ookay – Thief

Vincent – Her

Besnine – Don’t Forget

Safakash – Deep Inside

Ghaderi & Ikus – Jaded

JD Beatz – Lonely Nights

Apex Rise – Take U Out

Valesco – Stay With Me


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