Award-winning production company Folded Wing’s Top 10.

Folded Wing are an award-winning production company responsible for Jamie Cullum’s Radio 2 show, Red Bull Music Academy’s radio station and the Fabric official podcast to mention just a few things..

Here, their team give you their very special ‘headphone moments’ Top 10.

Karen’s choices…

1. “When I was a teenager growing up in Southend, I used to lie awake secretly at night under my duvet with my headphones on listening to John Peel on Radio 1! His show was my connection to new exciting music that I wouldn’t normally hear, and listening secretly on headphones made it feel extra special.”

Burial - Burial

2. “Another strong headphones memory for me is when the first Burial album came out in 2006. I used to listen to it on my headphones every day going to work on the tube… it was quite intense! The music matched the feeling of travelling around London perfectly.”


Jarvis Cocker Portrait3. “An amazing radio show for headphones was Jarvis Cocker’s Musical Map of Sheffield on BBC Radio 2 a few years ago. Jarvis talked about his memories of Sheffield, revisited some of his old haunts and talked about what he loves (and hates) about the city he grew up in… and he has such a lovely, calming voice! All the different audio sounds really made you feel like you were in Sheffield too.”

Eliza’s choice…

4. “A few years ago I had an amazing opportunity to record a rainforest sound installation using binaural microphones, which you wear in your ears. It transported me to a crazy 3D headphone world of a digital rainforest, really amazing!”

Micky’s choice…

Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse5. “Listening to Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse dramatised on BBC Radio stands as a highlight for me. Headphones allow you have a truly personal experience and for me can be a lifesaver on a long flight. I remember flying to Dubai and closing my eyes for a good hour and just listening to this fantastic piece of audio production. The drama opened with a ticking clock and a man reading to you in an echoey room and later transported you to the trenches of the First World War.”

Rachel’s choice…

6. “A special moment for me was when I first heard Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ on headphones whilst walking through the park as a student in Kent. I already loved the album and suddenly I heard this extra layer of sound and panning I’d never heard before.”

Xanthe’s choice…

Abdullah Ibrahim's Water From An Ancient Well7. “I remember walking down Oxford Street on Christmas Eve last year, surrounded by hectic Christmas shoppers, listening to ‘Water From An Ancient Well’ by Abdullah Ibrahim (very chilled) and feeling totally removed from my surroundings…”


John’s choice…

2 Bad Mice's Bombscare album cover8. “One of my most significant headphone moments happened when I was learning to DJ and managed to beat match two records and do a smooth mix for the first time. I have no idea what records they were. I was only 16 at the time and didn’t have that many, so it was probably ‘Bombscare’ by 2 Bad Mice and another slightly dodgy rave tune.”

Jim’s choices…

9. “When I was in my early 20s I was lucky enough to spend a few years travelling around the world, living out of a rucksack… and my headphones were my most treasured possession! They saved me on so many amazing (but very long and uncomfortable) bus journeys across India, Nepal, China etc. My mates used to send me mixtapes and tapes of Gilles Peterson’s Radio 1 show. Listening to those tapes on my headphones whilst watching the world go by is something I’ll never forget.”

10. “The other Sunday I was travelling home on the Overground from South to North London and after putting the new Meshell Ndegeocello album ‘Weather’ on my headphones I promptly fell asleep. Half an hour later I woke up to the most beautiful piece of music… these lovely piano chords were going through my brain. In my drowsy, half-awake state I slowly realized I’d fallen asleep, but then quickly woke myself up to find out what the song was called (‘Petite Mort’). I love falling asleep with headphones on, you experience music on a whole other level.”


  • Richard Young says:

    I still remember my Koss Pro-AA’s (very heavy) and my Sennheiser HD-44’s (very light)!

  • Paulo Ramos says:

    I´m reviewing Jim’s experience with my P5 and Meshell Ndegeocello’s Weather….magnificent is the word!

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